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Mogul Silk Presidents
1. Mogul Silk Presidents 
1 Visits
24 Images
Linked Album
2. 67src 
Full details coming ....see hermansclassics.com for info.
4 Visits
34 Images
Linked Album
Braemar CC- Encino
3. Braemar CC- Encino 
DATES NOT CLEARED YET. (Contact was gone this weekend)
4001 Reseda
Dale 818-345-3520
6 Visits
26 Images
Linked Album
T70 Historical Events
4. T70 Historical Events 
5 Visits
2 Images
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425 South Breed Street
5. 425 South Breed Street 
Boyle Heights
Christine Rodriguez
9 Visits
41 Images
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Towbe's Adventures plus
6. Towbe's Adventures plus   (2017)

UPDATED:- June 22nd This album will contain photos and videos of Towbe the Chihuahua's adventures & funtimes. His latest adventure begins at #173. Thank you for sharing. I hope you enjoy your visits.

8570 Visits
223 Images
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2016 Super ArcticGlow & SnowGlow Stuff
7. 2016 Super ArcticGlow & SnowGlow Stuff 
Available possible Super Arctic Glows, possible Super SnowGlows, and Sharp Snows from our 2016 litter from breeding ArcticGlow X Ghost het-Sharp.
884 Visits
10 Images
Linked Album
2016 Roswell/RLT Boas
8. 2016 Roswell/RLT Boas 
We have a GREAT selection of 2016 Roswell-Laddertail (RLT) boas available!
1246 Visits
50 Images
Linked Album
2015 Available Boas
9. 2015 Available Boas 
Current photos and information for all of our remaining available 2015 boas.
9802 Visits
10 Images
Linked Album
2014 Roswell/RLT Boas
10. 2014 Roswell/RLT Boas 
Current photos and information for our available 2014 Roswell and Roswell-Laddertail "RLT" boas.
8290 Visits
12 Images
Linked Album
2016 Albinos
11. 2016 Albinos 
Current photos and information for our available 2016 Kahl Albinos.
1507 Visits
20 Images
Linked Album
2016 SuperGhost and Anery ParaHets
12. 2016 SuperGhost and Anery ParaHets 
Current photos and information for our available 2016 possible SuperGhost ParaHets and Anery ParaHets.  If you are unfamiliar with Paradigm boa genetics, a ParaHet is either het-Sharp or het-BWC, and it is a 50/50 chance as to which.
952 Visits
24 Images
Linked Album
2016 Other Available Boas
13. 2016 Other Available Boas 
These are the remaining odds-and-ends of our available 2016 Boas.
30 Visits
4 Images
Linked Album
14. 65wc 
For sale phone 606-878-5839 or 606-521-4156, hermansclassics.com for video.
230 Visits
41 Images
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15. THE TRUE MEANING OF "PUPPY MILL"  (June 19, 2017)
Did you know, the term “Puppy mill“, in fact, has no legal definition and was deemed by the Missouri supreme court to be only an OPINION? In order to create a negative image in your mind to influence that opinion, AR activists use deception and emotional blackmail with 7-10 yr. old photos from other kennels or countries, old statistics, edited videos of dogs barking at strangers and false accusations of filth, neglect and abuse. AR activists only use the derogatory term “puppy mill” with the intent to encourage prejudice towards legitimate BREEDERS.

Do you know what prejudice means? Prejudice: an unfavorable opinion or unreasonable feelings, opinions formed without knowledge, thought, or reason, or an irrational attitude of a hostile nature directed against an individual, ect
25 Visits
16 Images
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