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1. 68bcam 
Full details coming, see hermansclassics.com or phone 606-878-5839.
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1969 Camaro! Frame OFF! $38,900.00
2. 1969 Camaro! Frame OFF! $38,900.00 
Just in and ready to go! Frame off restored 1969 Camaro SS X22 Car!  $38,900.00.

An AWESOME 1969 Camaro SS X22 Car! Was FRAME OFF Rotisserie restored! NEW full Floor Pans and Trunk Pan, New Full quarters, New Fenders, New Hood, Deck Lid....New Trunk Drop Offs, Inner and Outer Tubs, NEW Doors!

Factory Hugger Orange Camaro...Slick exterior paint with Black Hockey Stripes! Hugger Orange on top and undercarriage ( check out the photos ).

Car has all NEW Disc Brake Kit, New Emergency Brake Kit....NEW Front End Parts!

New Houndstooth Interior Seats, New Black Carpet, Dash Pad, Headliner, Package Tray!

Has NEW Window Felts, New Fisher Sill Plates.....

All new Door, Roof, Vertical, Trunk and U Jamb Weatherstrtipping!

New Front Windshield! Nice Glass in the Camaro!

New Front & Rear Bumpers, Bumper Guards, New Drip Rail Moldings! New Wheel Moldings! The list goes on and on.....

Camaro looks as good on the top as it does under it......Lot of money spent on this car! Could not build it for the money $38,900.00.
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62 Images
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For Sale
3. For Sale 
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8 Images
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Fishing Trip 2018
4. Fishing Trip 2018 
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34 Images
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izzy 2 birthdaly
5. izzy 2 birthdaly 
22 Visits
218 Images
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6. 702_Prince_St_Alexandria_VA  (1984-1986)
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9 Images
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Paul Dillard Campaign
7. Paul Dillard Campaign  (August 15, 2018)
Paul Dillard Campaign Photos
25 Visits
99 Images
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Marvel Legends Spiderman BAF Venom
8. Marvel Legends Spiderman BAF Venom  (August 2018)
Here is my latest find on Marvel Legends
Spiderman BAF Venom Action Figures. Hasbro
26 Visits
3 Images
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Marvel Legends Spiderman Spawn Symbiotes
9. Marvel Legends Spiderman Spawn Symbiotes  (August 2018)
Here is my latest finds on Marvel Legends Spawn of the Symbiotes. BAF Green Goblin.
30 Visits
8 Images
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Marvel Legends X-Men TRU Exclusive
10. Marvel Legends X-Men TRU Exclusive  (August 2018)
Here is my latest finds on Marvel Legends X-Men Rare Action Figures TRU Exclusives.
29 Visits
6 Images
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World of Nintendo Action Figures
11. World of Nintendo Action Figures  (August 2018)
Here is my Collection of World of Nintendo Action Figures
acquired so Far.
30 Visits
10 Images
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NBA McFarlane Toys Action Figures
12. NBA McFarlane Toys Action Figures  (August 2018)
Here is my latest finds on NBA by McFarlane Toys
Action Figures.
30 Visits
12 Images
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Hellrung Reunion 2018
13. Hellrung Reunion 2018  (July 20 - 22, 2018)
72 Visits
97 Images
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19th Century
14. 19th Century  (1869 - 1899)
65 Visits
26 Images
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Boyd X Bella
15. Boyd X Bella 
AKC Miniatures
1 white/black tri female
1 white/black male
1 black white female
2 black white males
1 blue white male

PLL clear parents, sire full genetic test clear
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