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Textiles Project
1. Textiles Project 
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2017 Available Gallery
2. 2017 Available Gallery 
Here is everything we have available from our 2017 Breeding Season.  We have tried to price everything accordingly and be competitive so that you can get the boa or boas you have always wanted.  

Please feel free to email with any questions you have on any of the stock.  

Thank you.
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3. 2017 Kankakee Co. Fair Barnyard Pull  (August 5, 2017)
Barnyard class tractor pull @ the Kankakee (IL) Co. Fair.
Weight classes 4500-6000-7500-9000-10500
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Tour of Champions - Savannah, GA
4. Tour of Champions - Savannah, GA  
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GRCH Raganrat Ride Or Die At Jaerma CGC
5. GRCH Raganrat Ride Or Die At Jaerma CGC  
MBPIS GRCH Raganrat Ride Or Die At Jaerma CGC TKN
"LETTY"...aka Lettuce
Birthdate: 1-16-2016
Owner: Erin Maize & Darice Ragan
State: Ohio
AKC pointed
AKC Canine Good Citizen
AKC Trick Dog

Letty is brilliant and has a repertoire of tricks and commands that she follows! Letty is working toward her Advanced Trick titles and Rally titles this year. She is the official taste tester of the household, excellent co-pilot and master opossum hunter!

Letty is PRA-PRCD Clear, PLL Carrier, Cardiac Normal, Notmal Patellas, Full Dentition.

SIRE: GRCH Raganrat I Am A Conqueror
DAM:  CH Raganrat's Pinto Princess
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6. Goodbyes 
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1968 Mister Softee's Pop Parade
7. 1968 Mister Softee's Pop Parade 
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48 Images
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1984 Super Musical (pop music cards)
8. 1984 Super Musical (pop music cards) 
117 Visits
201 Images
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Morton Var Girls B-ball vs Lincoln
9. Morton Var Girls B-ball vs Lincoln  (January 13, 2018)
Galesburg MLK Winter Classic
39 Visits
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Tougher Singles
10. Tougher Singles 
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1985 7-11 Slurpee Pop Music Discs
11. 1985 7-11 Slurpee Pop Music Discs 
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Short Prints according to Shawn Adkins
12. Short Prints according to Shawn Adkins 
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Great Article by Shawn Adkins
13. Great Article by Shawn Adkins 
All credit for this article goes to Shawn Adkins. Pretty straight forward for any T205 collector.

Worth sharing.
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Available 2016 & Older Stock
14. Available 2016 & Older Stock 
Here is all the Boas we have available from 2016 and earlier.
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15. LEAVING IONA AND THE ISLE OF MULL  (back to the port city of Oban)
On our way from the Treshnish Isles we did stop briefly at the Island of Staffa to see from a distance the Staffa Cave. We were running behind in time with our tour and did not have time to actually go inside the cave. You can see a photo below of the cave from a distance.
CLICK HERE if you want to learn more about this fascinating cave.

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