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Travel and Vacation
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Amalfi, April 2014
16. Amalfi, April 2014 
3598 Visits
33 Images
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17. Aruba  (Feb. 2005)
The best part of this trip was bringing my mom home.
3433 Visits
20 Images
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Vacation 2017- Cortez, CO
18. Vacation 2017- Cortez, CO  (Aug 27, 2017)
Cortez Catholic Church
1321 Visits
5 Images
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Vacation 2017-Canon City, CO
19. Vacation 2017-Canon City, CO  (Aug 24, 2017)
1108 Visits
10 Images
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Vacation 2017-Church-Canon, CO
20. Vacation 2017-Church-Canon, CO  (Aug 24, 2017)
St Michael Catholic Church
769 Visits
8 Images
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Eagle, CO- Hanging Lake
21. Eagle, CO- Hanging Lake  (Aug 22, 2017)
2549 Visits
24 Images
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Holiday in Barbados
22. Holiday in Barbados  (August 2017)
Me and my cousin Chris on holiday
1317 Visits
18 Images
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Vacation 2017
23. Vacation 2017  (Aug-19-Sept 4, 2017)
1074 Visits
6 Images
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24. 4915 W Crestview  (08/11/2017)
50 Visits
0 Images
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Grand Tour
25. Grand Tour 
818 Visits
13 Images
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Maui_West Maui
26. Maui_West Maui  (May, 2017)
832 Visits
92 Images
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27. Villefranche-sur-Mer  (May 8, 2017)
If you ever happen to find yourself taking a walk - as I was fortunate enough to do so recently - through a charming fishing village in the Côte d'Azur region on the French Riviera called Villefranche-sur-Mer, you will come across such windows and other pleasing sights.

From a web page about the village:

"Villefranche-sur-Mer is one of the most charming — if not the most charming — authentic French and Niçoise fishing village on the French Riviera, in the heart of the Cote d’Azur. With Monaco on one side and Nice on the other, it is hard to believe that it can retain its charm and authenticity of a little village where people still know each other.

Our neighbors (a couple in their late 80s) live in an apartment that has been in their family since 1830. Their children and grandchildren all live and work in the village. Another neighbor is one of the local fishermen and sell their catch in the local market. Another set of neighbors, just a few doors away, of Italian origin (as are many Villefranchois families), have been in Villefranche since 1900 and are the proprietors of our world-renowned soap boutique and have two twin boys at the local school. I love to watch and hear the neighbors hang out their windows and greet each other, have a little chat or watch the day pass by. There is family after family like this in Villefranche — all with lovely character and charm. It is a delightful way of life unique to Old Town living."

2371 Visits
24 Images
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Maui Ocean Center Aquarium
28. Maui Ocean Center Aquarium  (May, 2017)
649 Visits
26 Images
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29. Maui  (May, 2017)
1157 Visits
212 Images
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30. Istanbul,Konya,Cappadochia,Guzelyurt 
15478 Visits
387 Images
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