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Date(s): 2001-2004. Album by Magdump. Photos by Me and friends. 1 - 16 of 118 Total. 1174 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
April 30, 2017:  Now I have Ohio checked off the list of states hunted!  Got 2 gobblers on this amazing trip.  This one, the first one had TWO ten+ inch beards (10 1/2" and 10 1/4") and SIX spurs total!  He had tiny additional spurs above and below his main spurs.  

22.6 pounds.   He scored 93.5 inches or points or whatever it is in the trophy scoring system.

Enlarge photo 2
A close-up of his two beards.

Enlarge photo 3
May 1, 2017:  This was my second gobbler taken on Monday morning, the day I had to drive home.  The hunt was deep in the woods on top of a ridge and he gobbled on roost about 150 yards away and shortly after daylight we were able to get him 20 yards away in the decoys.  He was a great 3 year old bird.  His 8 inch beard would have been longer but took a beating from the shotgun pellets which cut off quite a bit of length.

Enlarge photo 4
February 27, 2016.  One last goose for the season (which closes in about a week).  Was outside on the back steps before sunset sorting through my turkey hunting gear for the coming season and the flocks of Canadas started up.  I decided why not?  Grabbed the 10 gauge, stood about 5 paces from the back door, picked one out from a low flying flock and it crashed right next to the 10 yard target in the archery range out back.  How handy is that?

Enlarge photo 5
This gun kicks like a damn mule.  Will be happy to let it lie dormant until late December when it will be time to blast the annual Christmas Goose while standing on the back lawn.

Enlarge photo 6
Christmas Goose December 19 2015 Pic 1.   I got the idea a few months ago that I wanted to shoot a goose while standing on my lawn and that it would be our Christmas Goose.   Well tonight, near sunset, I was working out with kettlebells by the shed when the flocks of geese started to pass low overhead.  So I ran inside and grabbed the H&R Model 176 10 gauge (the serial number indicates it was built in 1979) 'goose artillery piece' and missed my first shot as I did not lead my bird enough.

Enlarge photo 7
Christmas Goose December 19 2015 Pic 2.  Thought too much about how much lead I needed and I flubbed it.  A few minutes later though, another flock came by.  Ran back in for the shotgun again and this time, I didn't think about how much lead I needed, I just picked one out and shot and the Canada Goose came tumbling down.  Christmas Goose for 2015!  Will try to make this an annual tradition.  Could have shot many more as the flocks were suddenly everywhere and low and slow flying too but one per year is enough

Enlarge photo 8
BIG 10 Pointer MD Opening Day 11 28 2015  

Opening day of the 2015 Maryland firearm season.  I thought they would be running fast opening day so I opted for a fast handling rifle.  Aimpoint Micro T-1 on top of a Micro 7 rifle in .300 Blackout.  Red dot scoped rifles are strong medicine for fast moving deer.

Enlarge photo 9
BIG 10 Pointer Maryland Firearm Season Opening Day 11 28 2015 Pic 2

I aged him via dental wear using current "biologist methods" and I am astonished that he is only a 2 1/2 year old.  Good lord.  Imagine what he would have turned into in several more years.  State records contender I bet.

Enlarge photo 10
BIG 10 Pointer Maryland Firearm Season Opening Day 11 28 2015 Pic 3

Enlarge photo 11
10 24 2015 Big 7 Pointer Pic 1

Last day of the three day Early Muzzleloader season.  Three bucks appeared just before dark, one at a time, and they started fighting.  One would watch as the other two tested strength in fairly mellow, but forceful, contests.  This is the one I chose as he seemed, if only barely, the largest.  He more than held his own against the other two bucks.  They all seemed generally evenly matched in size and strength.

Enlarge photo 12
10 24 2015 Big 7 Pointer Pic 2

3 buck tags done.  One more to go.  Unfortunately, I have to wait more than 5 weeks to be able to use it.  The  Saturday after Thanksgiving will be firearm season and I will have 2 weeks to work hard to fill that last buck tag.

Enlarge photo 13
October 10, 2015   

This CUTE little 8 pointer with the really cool mass filled micro rack was too much for me to pass up after a almost 40 minutes of watching him.  He scent checked two does and chased one right by my stand and I decided to zap him.

Enlarge photo 14
2 of 4 buck tags filled.  This was my Bonus Buck.  Will stop hunting until Early Muzzleloader season in a couple weeks when I can shoot another buck.  The last buck tag will have to be used in Muzzleloader or Firerms season.  We will see.

Enlarge photo 15
here is the Micro Basket 8 from 15 days prior from Kenny's trail camera.

Enlarge photo 16
here is the Micro Basket 8 from 15 days prior

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