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About me....Andy Federico
About Me....Andy Federico
I decided to put up some pics and share a little of my life with everyone....I have always been an avid outdoorsman...trapping fox and other fur animals helped put food on the table for us many times... but it is Almighty God that has kept me and sustained me through many years. I owe everything to him. Read Acts chapter 2 ..Verse 38...that is the plan of salvation...It Will change your life!  Baptised in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost! Some pics may not be for everyone...hunting photos and such....Take care, Andy
Date(s): July 16, 2005. Album by Andrew Federico. Photos by Andrew Federico. 1 - 24 of 32 Total. 1080 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
That's me Andy Federico holding a water snake I caught...and my childhood best friend Tim Costello. Seemed like all I ever did was look for reptiles!

Enlarge photo 2
My wife and I lived in the mountains of Pensylvania for about 11 years...that snake I am holding is a 51.5" black head Timber Rattler...I used to love catching Rattlers!! Yes I was kinda crazy! I no longer have the urge!..lol..!

Enlarge photo 3
This is me now...2006...Breeding Boas...has given me a fresh new perspective!

Enlarge photo 4
This is me in the late 70's.

Enlarge photo 5
Trapping was a way for me to provide added income for my family...I learned by trial and error...but persistance paid off!

Enlarge photo 6
Here's the kids! Back when we lived in PA...They always loved checking out the animals I would bring home...this was a fairly large Coyote.

Enlarge photo 7
Every year there would be several fur sales....This is me and two of my boys...waiting to sell.

Enlarge photo 8
This is Andy Jr. sitting with my furs.

Enlarge photo 9
Another fur sale...

Enlarge photo 10
Nice big Coon!

Enlarge photo 11
My most favorite Mammal on the earth! The Red Fox! Trapping culls the population...alot nicer than mother nature does...with disease and starvation ...due to over population...Thinning fox populations provides more room for better feeding healthy foxes! Fur is a re-newable resource!

Enlarge photo 12
Here is me and Andy Jr. with a buck I got....kinda looked like a horse!!lol...he dressed out at 208 pounds!

Enlarge photo 13
Another pic of the buck!

Enlarge photo 14
I worked with the PA Game commission...doing a Bobcat study...they were supposed to pay me $100 for each Bobcat we radio collared and released...funding never did come through from Harrisburg...but the kids in the nieghborhood had a great time!....Take my advice it's not easy stuffing a Bobcat in a cage with no help!

Enlarge photo 15
My first and only Black bear...1989...162 pounds!

Enlarge photo 16
Here I am releasing one of the biggest Bobcats I have ever seen! I bet it feeds on small deer...anyway...they are protected...so they must be released!

Enlarge photo 17
Here I caught a double on Gray Fox! It always was a thrill!

Enlarge photo 18
One mean son of a gun!

Enlarge photo 19
Getting a load ready for fur sale!

Enlarge photo 20
Andy Jr. and his first Red Fox!

Enlarge photo 21
Here is my dad and my two older boys...and dad's little sheltie.

Enlarge photo 22
My wife Michele and baby!

Enlarge photo 23
Here is Princess Belle! She was a registered treeing walker coonhound! Boy could she tree coon!

Enlarge photo 24
Another Red...

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