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Sports and Hobbies
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NCS vs Indian Rocks
1. NCS vs Indian Rocks  (August 27, 2015)
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161 Images
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FOR SALE: WWF / WWE / MISC Promo Photos
2. FOR SALE: WWF / WWE / MISC Promo Photos 
These are all of the WWF/WWE/Miscellaneous Wrestling promo photos which I currently have for sale. All are original and authentic, unless stated otherwise.

I will accept any reasonable offer for these promo photos and am also willing to trade for them, so please just contact me if you are interested in any of them, at perfecthitman@gmail.com

ALL sold promo photos are shipped in a hard toploader sleeve for maximum protection.

I accept PayPal only.
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9 Images
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Seffner Christian Pre-Season Game
3. Seffner Christian Pre-Season Game  (August 21, 2015)
Mustang win 47-13
64 Visits
778 Images
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Seffner Football Pre-Season Game
4. Seffner Football Pre-Season Game  (August 21, 2015)
12 Visits
39 Images
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Hairspray The Movie Doll Collection
5. Hairspray The Movie Doll Collection 
Here is my Latest Flea Market Find of Hairspray Dolls
from Jakks Pacific.. 2007.. Enjoy..
64 Visits
7 Images
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6. lonniewalker 
90 Visits
21 Images
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British F1 Grand Prix 2015
7. British F1 Grand Prix 2015  (05/07/2015)
British Grand Prix 2015
597 Visits
57 Images
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SBAA Semana nautica 15 KM Foot Race
8. SBAA Semana nautica 15 KM Foot Race  (July 04, 2015)
Central Coast’s oldest race, the Semana Nautica, for its 61st running this Fourth of July. The event features the traditional 15K.

Put together your best red, white and blue running outfit and join your fellow runners for the Semana Nautica.  Organized by your Santa Barbara Athletic Association, the Semana Nautica is one Santa Barbara tradition that gets better with time.  The flat and fast 15K course meanders through Goleta before finishing at San Marcos High School.

Photos at roughly the 12 KM of the 15 KM distance and along the Maria Ygnacia creek.
155 Visits
250 Images
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Supplex55 NHL Team Issue Postcard sets
9. Supplex55 NHL Team Issue Postcard sets   
This is my collection of various team issued card and postcard sets. Largely composed of teams I have enjoyed
following over the years--particularly my childhood favorite Boston Bruins, home state Ducks, Sharks & Kings and the great Oilers, Canadiens, Avalanche and Penguins Dynasties.
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Canadian Ross 1905 Mk2 (.303)
10. Canadian Ross 1905 Mk2 (.303) 
1760 Visits
30 Images
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Sin City Neca Action Figures
11. Sin City Neca Action Figures 
Here is my collection of Sin City Action Figures by Neca.

158 Visits
14 Images
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Monaco Grand Prix
12. Monaco Grand Prix  (5/21-5/24/15)
Well, cross that off my bucket list-I've wanted to go to this race since I was a kid. It came at the end of a 15 day trip through Italy and France, so much fun.
74 Visits
63 Images
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Emily Ratajkowski
13. Emily Ratajkowski 
Emily Ratajkowski - Model
Credit goes to all original creators of these images
no copyright infringement intended
26427 Visits
77 Images
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Girls Volleyball
14. Girls Volleyball 
Girls Volleyball
Credit goes to all original creators of these images
no copyright infringement intended
24868 Visits
21 Images
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Nastia Liukin
15. Nastia Liukin 
Nastia Liukin - USA Gymnastics
Credit goes to all original creators of these images
no copyright infringement intended
977 Visits
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