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Nature and Landscapes
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1. Yosemite 
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27 Images
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2. Plants 
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3. Landscapes 
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Bossier Parish
4. Bossier Parish   (Nov. 27, 2014)
Landscapes, pastorals and others
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11 Images
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Fall in the Southwest
5. Fall in the Southwest 
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40 Images
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Small Bee In Flight and Landing
6. Small Bee In Flight and Landing  (April 25, 2005)
Taken with the Panasonic FZ20 in continious mode. Note the speed between the 3 frames. OK it's not 100 sharp but worth keeping.

I have added a few more pictures.
1388 Visits
8 Images
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Exmouth Orchid Show May 7th. 2005 FZ20
7. Exmouth Orchid Show May 7th. 2005 FZ20  (April 25, 2005)
All pictures taken with the Panasonic FZ20 and FZ5 at the Exmouth Devon UK. Orchid Show on Sunday 7th. May 2005 at the Elizebeth Hall on the Sea Front.  All pictures straight from the camera in poor lighting conditions. No Post processing. A tribute Panasonics Optical Stabilizer for hand held shots.

Exif Data is available. Please note copyright is embedded in each picture. For publication other than personal use, copyright must be shown.

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4153 Visits
79 Images
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Finally Perfection with Robin
8. Finally Perfection with Robin  (April 25, 2005)
These pictures taken with the remarkable Panasonic FZ20. Camera held in the right hand. Finally I got the shots I was looking for! Thank you for looking. Comments welcome.
2908 Visits
17 Images
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Robin by the hand
9. Robin by the hand  (April 25, 2005)
Robin pictures take with the Panasonic FZ20 in the garden. It took a while to persuade her. But who could blame her wanting to try a tasty morsel!
3161 Visits
12 Images
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Garden Close Ups
10. Garden Close Ups  (April 25, 2005)
A few closeup pictures take with the Panasonic FZ20. Untouched and straight from the camera.
2479 Visits
27 Images
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11. Hummingbirds  (July 11, 2014)
If any photographers have any advice for me, please share...How do you shoot hummingbirds? Do you set up lights so you don't have to use flash?
2992 Visits
141 Images
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Storm Lake Pass-Goat Flat Hike
12. Storm Lake Pass-Goat Flat Hike  (October 17, 2014)
59 Visits
26 Images
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Waimea Bay botanical garden
13. Waimea Bay botanical garden  (October 2014)
We visited this botanical garden on Oahu during our 4 day stay there.
49 Visits
34 Images
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Kings Park Festival 2014
14. Kings Park Festival 2014  (Sep / Oct 2014)
Spectacular Wildflowers created a colourful display at the recent Kings Park Festival. This album will be completed with Titles and Descriptions as time permits, meanwhile, enjoy the photos now and return later to see if the wildflowers have been named.
105 Visits
218 Images
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Carpp Lakes Hike
15. Carpp Lakes Hike  (Sept 15, 2014)
Lower Carpp, Upper Carpp Lakes
Warren Pass
57 Visits
27 Images
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