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Nature and Landscapes
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My Roses 2013
1. My Roses 2013 
Although it was not a particularly good year for my Roses, I hope you enjoy this selection of photos taken during 2013.
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My Garden 2013
2. My Garden 2013 
A photographic record of the Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables growing in my home garden during 2013.
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Iceland: Reykjavik to the Glaciers
3. Iceland: Reykjavik to the Glaciers  (Go Ahead Tour 8/2/14 - 8/7/14)
My long-awaited trip to Iceland was filled with many questions: what could I possibly see in just a few days? geysers, glaciers, waterfalls, and countryside; would Pauline really be there? yes!;would the weather be freezing cold, wet, and miserable? no!; could I enjoy the fish, lamb, and expensive wine? absolutely!; would I recognize Nancy and Gary from a previous tour? indeed!
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4. 20140816合歡清淨 
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Mount Princeton Attempt
5. Mount Princeton Attempt  (August 3, 2014)
On Monday, 3 August, 2014, my Buddies, Dave and Todd, and myself made an inadvertent, and ill-fated attempt to summit the 14,197' peak of Mount Princeton of the Sawatch Range in central mountains of Colorado, about 25 miles south of the small mountain town of Buena Vista.  

I say inadvertent, as our original intention that day was to hike to the summit of Mount Sherman.  Sherman is another "14er" located about an hour closer to Denver, approximately 10 miles outside the town of Fairplay Colorado along state route 285, but due to a "navigation system" malfunction (Dave?), we overshot the turn off by more than 15 miles before entertaining the thought that we might have missed it.  Having not passed any kind of convenience store or gas station since Fairlplay, and hoping to stop somewhere and ask for directions, we decided to continue south on the highway in search of this.  Before long, Todd noted that he knew of an upcoming developed area over the next couple of ridges that should have a place to stop and ask for directions, and suggested we continue the short distance to that local.  Dave and I agreed, and on we went.  

About 10 minutes further down the rolling, twisting, and forested drive 285 presents in that area, we suddenly emerged to the stunningly beautiful Arkansas River Valley with the rugged and breathtaking Collegiate Peaks rising on the west side of the valley floor.  Being now more than 45 minutes beyond our intended hike of Mount Sherman, and with the morning rapidly passing us by, our intentions quickly turned to retrieving the necessary information and directions to climb one of the magnificent peaks in front of us.  We promptly stopped at a river rafting company on the valley floor, and acquired somewhat vague directions to the trailhead for the hike up Mount Princeton.  With these directions, and two or three additional “street shout-outs” along the way for more detailed information, we finally arrived at the road that would give us access to the trailhead.

The access road to the trailhead was an adventure in and of itself, as it was more of a steep, narrow, rocky, and poorly maintained dirt trail than a road, but thanks to Todd’s expert driving and his 4 wheel drive Toyota FJ, we made it up the 4 miles ascent to the parking area.  Having finally arrived, and more than ready to get going, we also knew from the get-go that we were under the gun on timing for hiking a 14er, as early afternoon summer thunderstorms at elevation are always a risk, and it was already 10:45 am.  This is where the “ill-fated” part of our journey comes in, as we were pushed back down the mountain by impending weather about 1000 vertical feet short of our goal.  Though tremendously disappointing to not reach the summit, the dramatic and changing skies the developing storms created as they rolled in granted an opportunity to shoot some once in a lifetime, awe inspiring, and unique mountain peak image.  You will note that the decent was not captured on film, as shortly after shooting the last image, “The way down?”, sleet and rain began to fall creating a wet and slick environment, and priorities changed to safely and expeditiously moving down the mountain   

So off we went, with Todd’s 10-year-old dog Goose leading the way, on an adventure that would have us come up short of our goal, but still present tremendous beauty, lots of fun and challenges along the way, and growth of comradery amongst friends.

Please note that the first image, "Mount Princeton", was copied from the internet, as when this view was actually available, we were more interested in figuring out just what we were doing than taking pictures.  :o)
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Trail Camera Location Salt Site 1
6. Trail Camera Location Salt Site 1 
I placed a trail camera here to capture some of the heavy deer traffic that is evident at a mineral supplement site I installed in the spring of 2013.  I started it with a Lucky Buck powder product and that worked fine, the deer and critters visited it somewhat.  That stuff smells amazing!  Smells like apple candy!  I tried it, tastes like salt.  Duh.  

Then I tried out a 25 lb.  farm type animal compressed feed block ("SportsMans Deer Block" by Stockade) that was a disaster (thanks a lot Don :)). The rain dissolved the block into a puddle and the remains putrified into a muddy looking mess that smelled, no joke, 90% like human feces.  After digging all that horribleness out into buckets and dumping it far away, I now keep the spot going with Trophy Rocks that the deer absolutely love.  This spot is just off the main Northern E/W trail on our tiny 5 acre parcel, the trail goes roughly East-West.  Lots of deer tracks in the mud here and mud on the vegetation on the deer trails leading into the spot indicate reasonably heavy and consistent use.
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Trail Camera Northern East West Trail
7. Trail Camera Northern East West Trail 
I placed a trail camera here to capture some of the heavy deer traffic that is evident by the muddy "cowpath" they have made over the years.  This is the main Northern trail on my tiny parcel and it goes roughly East-West.  Lots of rubs along this path.
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8. Hummingbirds  (July 11, 2014)
If any photographers have any advice for me, please share...How do you shoot hummingbirds? Do you set up lights so you don't have to use flash?
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Brooktree Creek
9. Brooktree Creek  (July 18, 2014)
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20140715 海口國小荷花
10. 20140715 海口國小荷花 
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178 Images
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Peony Parade, etc
11. Peony Parade, etc  (spring 2014)
I photographed each peony bush and then took a closeup of one blossom.  My bright red one had buds but they didn't open this year.  A light pink one did the same.  Maybe next year they will all put on a show.
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Cromwell Valley Park Hiking
12. Cromwell Valley Park Hiking  (Nov 15, 2009)
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Otter Creek-Bushwhacking
13. Otter Creek-Bushwhacking  (Sept. 22, 2013)
Lower Chanceford, PA
(39.887076, -76.393473)
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Mason Dixon Trail Hiking
14. Mason Dixon Trail Hiking  (Sept 07, 2013)
Lower Chanceford, PA
(39.887383, -76.387514)
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Hawk Rock Hiking
15. Hawk Rock Hiking  (Jan. 23, 2005)
(40.375837, -77.040939)
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