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Half Century of Progress - 2017
16. Half Century of Progress - 2017  (August 25, 2017)
Photos from the 2017 Half Century of Progress.

How to download photos from any of my albums:

Browse the photos until you find one you want. Click on that photo and it will open to a larger photo. In the blue-shaded box beneath the larger photo you will see the words “Other sizes”. Choose ORIGINAL size & click on it. It may take a few seconds to load depending on your internet.

You will now see a very large photo, probably bigger than your screen. There are slide bars to move around the photo.You can choose smaller sizes, but first let’s save this ORIGINAL size. So, right click anywhere on that ORIGINAL size photo. You should see some computer choices to make. One of them should say something like “Save Picture As…..”. Click on that choice. It will then allow you to save this hi-resolution photo to wherever you save such things on your computer. This will be a relatively large file of 3-5000+ kb size. Do not save the smaller sizes for print because they’ll have less resolution, better known as “clarity”. You can copy this file to a flash drive, or burn to a cd, or email (assuming your email allows large size files) and take the file to a photo store, or send away to one of the on-line photo printers. If you would like to open & save one of the smaller size photos, that would be fine also, but use the ORIGINAL for reproductions and printing. You may want to crop the photo to get the print area you desire. You can do that on your computer or wherever you have files printed. There is no cost for downloading photos, but you will have to pay to have prints made wherever.

Event photos will remain permanently in the photo album. You can link any one photo or the entire album & send it to family members, friends, or acquaintances. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at:
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Half Century of Progress Parade - 2017
17. Half Century of Progress Parade - 2017  (August 26, 2017)
"Parade of Progess"

Held at noon, August 26, 2017

There were a few more entries at the end I missed
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354 Images
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Wallpapers, Animated Gifs & other Graphic Designs I have done over the years.
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103 Images
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Brooke & David's Wedding Photos
19. Brooke & David's Wedding Photos  (October 20th, 2017)
Wedding photographs captured by Pinnacle photography Services in Methuen Town, Massachusetts; All images are copyright protect by Pinnacle Photography Services.
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Daytona & Kane Litter
20. Daytona & Kane Litter  (Nov. 5th 2017)
Designer Theme

"We are very excited to announce the delivery of 6 healthy puppies to UKC CH Floridays Daytona DBL Darlin'.  Call name: Daytona
We have 4 girls and 2 boys!

Daddy is Kane, the Number One American Hairless Terrier All Breed for the past two years in AKC.

Sire: Kane
AKC - Silver Grand Champion Bur-Way Trin 2 Raise Some Kane DS
UKC - GRCH Bur-Way Trin 2 Raise Some Kane DS

Dam: UKC CH 'PR' Floridays Daytona DBL Darlin' @ Liberty, aka Daytona.
Daytona is an amazing girl, full of life and loving every minute of it!

Both parents are UKC and AKC registered.
Both parents have outstanding temperaments.

We are taking applications for available puppies.
If interested, please email us at libertyahts@live.com
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First Baptist of Naples Game
21. First Baptist of Naples Game  (Nov. 3, 2017)
1320 Visits
371 Images
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Retro Marvel Super Heroes 2017 6" Hasbro
22. Retro Marvel Super Heroes 2017 6" Hasbro  (November 2017)
Here is my latest finds on Retro Marvel Superheroes by Hasbro 2017. 6"
90 Visits
6 Images
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Crested Gecko
23. Crested Gecko  (Adoption Date:October 26, 2005)
This little guy/gal is so fun to watch. He
is very photogenic and has quite the
attitude. I hope to have him for years to

Rydell died sometime in the night on 2/20/06. He hadn't been eating well and I was hand feeding him...RIP little dude.
8914 Visits
37 Images
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NCS vs First Baptist of Naples
24. NCS vs First Baptist of Naples  (Nov. 3, 2017)
2507 Visits
503 Images
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Senior Night
25. Senior Night  (Nov. 3, 2017)
Includes Cheer, Cross Country, Swim, Volleyball and Golf.
997 Visits
192 Images
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Fifth Harmony Barbie Doll by Mattel 2014
26. Fifth Harmony Barbie Doll by Mattel 2014  (November 2017)
Here is my latest finds on Fifth Harmony Dolls by Mattel Toys 2014.. Known for there Hit song Work from Home.
12" Tall.
87 Visits
5 Images
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October 2017 Unlimited Color Prints
27. October 2017 Unlimited Color Prints 
115 Visits
6 Images
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October 217 Novice Color Prints
28. October 217 Novice Color Prints 
89 Visits
4 Images
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October 2017 Unlimited Monochrome Prints
29. October 2017 Unlimited Monochrome Prints 
91 Visits
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October 2017 Novice Monochrome Prints
30. October 2017 Novice Monochrome Prints 
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