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E90-3 American Caramel - Chicago Players
1. E90-3 American Caramel - Chicago Players  (October 4, 2010)
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Jada Savy puppies DOB 10.05.16
2. Jada Savy puppies DOB 10.05.16  (October 8, 2016)
Black tri male - 7 ounces
Black tri female # 1 - 6 ounces
Black tri female # 2 - 6.5 ounces
Blue tri male - 5.75 ounces

My camera was broken 2 days before they were born so I apologize for the quality and lack of early photos.
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Mount Bierstadt II
3. Mount Bierstadt II  (15 August, 2016)
It was a bright and sunny morning with pleasant trailhead temperatures in the 50’s, and not much wind to speak of.  This was my second visit to Mount Bierstadt which was chosen for both ease of hike and ease of access as this was intended to be not only a “1st time 14er hike” for a varied cross section of hikers with varying levels of fitness, but also a practice run for me in in having the honor of bringing and using my late Father’s high end digital Canon camera equipment up the hill.  The equipment includes a 17-85mm zoom attached to a 50D body, and a 70-200mm zoom attached to a 60D body, and were carried up the mountain, assembled, in heavily padded, professional grade “camera holsters” attached to a mountaineering utility belt.  All I had ever used in my photography up to this point were simple “point and shoot” digital cameras set to “automatic”, and my phone (still love it’s “panoramic” mode), but after a hands on crash course workshop on usage and capabilities of the equipment, and how to set and use F-stops and ISOs to affect exposure from my brother Cris, I felt confident and excited to get out on the mountain and see what I could do.

Plans and purpose of the day changed somewhat however in a couple of ways, changing the dynamics of the hike. First, the 5 to 7 people who were supposed to come turned into one, Blake, a down to Earth cool cat who’s a friend of mine from work, and this seemed to be just fine with the both of us.  Secondly however, and certainly more disheartening, was that I experienced a jamming of zoom on the 17-85mm lens that left movement from only 17-24mm resulting in only a wide angle view.  Following some research and a few phone calls after returning home that afternoon, it was determined that a screw had come loose inside the lens causing what is apparently a chronic problem after 3 to 5 years with the Canon EFS 17-85mm zoom, and has sense been repaired and refurbished by Canon and is as good as new.  For this shoot however, the limited zoom of the 17-85mm left me unfortunately without shooting capabilities between 24mm and 70mm, resulting in this work being either wide angle or telephoto and I ask you to keep that in mind as you view the album.

Lens issues aside, I think I did OK with the shoot.  I know I overexposed some stuff, and would do some things differently next time.  I also definitely found out how difficult it is to shoot predatory birds while they’re flying!  Ha!  Enjoy the photos and please leave your thoughts and comments with the picture and sign the guestbook.  Thanks!
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Chocolate Bi
Owner: Helen Aiken & Darice Ragan
Home: Chattanooga, TN
AKC & UKC Registered
PLL Clear by Parentage
ROCKY is full of personality and has great stories that Helen shares with me. His latest is friending baby chicks and hens who've taught him to 'scratch' with them. Rocky is a conformation show dog and also a performance dog...and a clown!
SIRE: CH Cal Val's Famous 4RobN Hearts
DAM: Raganrat's Essence of His Grace

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Westlake Ts
5. Westlake Ts  (10/15/2016)
Dallas & Ft. Worth Model T clubs attend the Westlake Classic Car Show
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JV VB vs Keswick
6. JV VB vs Keswick  (October 15, 2016)
Keswick Tournament
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RA Halftime vs Indian Rocks Chr.
7. RA Halftime vs Indian Rocks Chr.  (October 14, 2016)
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NCS vs Indian Rocks Chr.
8. NCS vs Indian Rocks Chr.  (October 14, 2016)
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Fall Sports & Band Senior Night
9. Fall Sports & Band Senior Night  (October 14, 2016)
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Cyclops locality
10. Cyclops locality 
Non hormonal Blue (red neonate)
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BILS 15.14
11. BILS 15.14 
Jeager (MM 07.05) x Wamena type
Hatch date 4/01/15
Produced by Bill Stegall
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The Sickness  (BILS 15.17)
12. The Sickness  (BILS 15.17)  
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Aru x Aru
13. Aru x Aru 
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GRCH'PR'Sands'Of Timeat WildOak"Trooper"
14. GRCH'PR'Sands'Of Timeat WildOak"Trooper"  (November 18, 2008)

Click on the thumbnail picture to enter the album.

Now in southern California!!

A REAL accomplishment; Trooper has earned his AKC CM title. CM stands for Certificate of Merit, a title earned for AKC FSS dog's accomplishment prior to be accepted into their respective group, ours being Terrier. We're so proud of this super duper Trooper, he's really awesome.

HIP-HIP HORRAY!!!! Trooper has earned his AKC Championship, what a great accomplishment for him and he deserves every bit of it!!

Trooper earned his UKC Grand Championship July 2009 at 10 months of age, we're very proud of our boy.

OFFA Patella RAT-PA693/12M/P-P1
Cardiac Physician examined excellent
Primary Lens Luxation - Clear by Parentage and tested clear.

Sire: CH Sands' Wang-Dang Doodle "Dan"
Dam: CH Sands' Sweet Thing "Chrissy"
Born: September 12, 2008
Black tri
14 inches tall, 20 pounds

This great boy came from Southern Sands Kennel in Savannah, Georgia.

We have definitely benefited from Lisa Sands' diligent breeding program and are very happy this boy was available to us. Thanks Lisa for this southern gent, he's a charmer for sure. Happy, friendly, outgoing, confident, smart, goofy, comedian, a super boy. We know he will do you - and us, proud.

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Kin and Gunner babies
15. Kin and Gunner babies 
This litter is due around the beginning of November.  Breeder is Patty Smith.  
She bred to my dog Gunner. Contact Patty at :     for more information.
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