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Emmons Jewelry
1. Emmons Jewelry  (July 12, 2018)
Unfortunately and for unknown reasons the available records for Emmons are hard to find and therefore naming and dating pieces is hit and miss.  Thankfully the record-keeping for sister company Sarah Coventry was much better.  Reference books used are “Emmons Fashion Magic Jewelry” by Dippo & Dippo and “Emmons & Sarah Coventry Jewelry Fashion Show” by Deborah Robinson.
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T70 Historical Events
2. T70 Historical Events 
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Sporting News supplements
3. Sporting News supplements 
M101-2 Sporting News supplements
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Boston Herald supplements
4. Boston Herald supplements 
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Mogul Silk Presidents
5. Mogul Silk Presidents 
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Minneapolis Tribune supplements
6. Minneapolis Tribune supplements 
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Turkey Reds
7. Turkey Reds 
1911 Turkey Reds (T3)
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8. Miscellaneous 
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Coca-Cola ads
9. Coca-Cola ads 
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Boston Post Supplements
10. Boston Post Supplements 
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11. Graphics  (2018)

ALL NEW UPDATED July 9th 2018 My Digital Cross Stitch Pictures.. This album contains the DIGITAL cross stitch patterns I have created with a program named Cross Stitch World. It is free for some samples which you complete to earn cash points. There are lots of groupings that you can then purchase with those points. You can create a friends group and share amongst yourselves.(FB required)

The opening page has them all shown small. You cannot see the cross stitches that small. You will have to click on the first picture to enlarge and then you can either click to move one at a time or run as a slide show. You can also use your own photos/pictures to create with. ENJOY and thank you for sharing. First new pattern is #1 for sharing my latest album.

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12. "TRIKES"    
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Year End Winners 2017/2018
13. Year End Winners 2017/2018 
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2017 Arab Blizzard X IMG Het RDR BEA
14. 2017 Arab Blizzard X IMG Het RDR BEA 
Here are a select 2017 babies from our November litter from breeding an Arabesque Kahl Blizzard X IMG RDR BEA.

Pics were taken on 6/25/18 out in natural lighting.
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15. ThePerfectStormLitter  (July 29, 2017)
10-12-17 no babies available. All gorgeous. Priced to go at $1250 - call me 209-743-1664. Double registered and ready to go!! Rosethorn Terriers is enthralled with the Perfect Storm Litter born 7/29/17. These are the first babies for mother Rosethorn Firefall Twilight and sire Fireball@Rosethorn B.B. Storm. Storms' dam AKC GRCH CH Ratittat Bonnie Blue and his sire AKC CH K2's Bad Boy Holiday have OFA chic numbers. This litter is double registered, with Grand Champion bloodlines in both AKC and UKC registries and PLL clear of course. Both of these lovely, well bred, beautiful and sweet parents have produced exceptional offspring. Say hello to the GQ handsome 3 boys Earthquake, Tornado(reserved for Martin and Jackie congratulations!), and Hurricane(Congratulations Chrissy n Ryan Hebeler family) and their superstar sisters Tsunami, Volcano, and Firestorm. These outstanding puppies are available for $1250. A steal at any price and ready to go home with you next week - call me do not email at 209-743-1664.   Enjoy!!!
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