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1972 Tip Top/EMI Pop Star Cards
1. 1972 Tip Top/EMI Pop Star Cards 
This 24 card set has the contest back.
4 Visits
48 Images
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PW spotted
2. PW spotted  (February 13, 2018)
260 Visits
2 Images
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Chebanse IL Aerial View
3. Chebanse IL Aerial View  (October 2, 2017)
This is mostly the S 1/2 of Chebanse viewed from 400' AGL. Flight done with the permission of Village of Chebanse personnel
0 Visits
79 Images
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Past Puppies
4. Past Puppies 
Here you will find puppies of the past and photos from puppyhood to adulthood.

747 Visits
131 Images
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Jay Leach
5. Jay Leach   (October 17, 2017)
63 Visits
67 Images
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Dodge Brake install/adjustment
6. Dodge Brake install/adjustment  
This is a step by step album on how to disassemble, rebuild and adjust the brakes on Dodge M37, 3/4 WC and 1946 - 1968 Power Wagons.
174 Visits
39 Images
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E90-1 Plate Scratches
7. E90-1 Plate Scratches 
258 Visits
63 Images
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Dave RD400
8. Dave RD400 
172 Visits
42 Images
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Tarahumara Mountain Kingsnake
9. Tarahumara Mountain Kingsnake   (8/6/16)
A beautiful clutch of seven Tarahumara Mountain Kingsnake (L. p. knoblocki) was born on 7/26/16. Jonel Lopez produced the adults in 2012 from his 'High White Mega-band" line of knoblochi.

I am providing two pictures per animal. Please visit our website at www.legacyreptiles.com for our policy.

Method of Payment: Paypal (legacyreptiles@gmail.com), money orders and credit cards.

Price range from $100.00 - $150.00 (shipping not included).

*****Serious inquiries...... NO TRADES PLEASE.

Any question feel free to email us at legacyreptiles@gmail.com or follow us on Facebook (Joel Diaz and/or Legacy Reptiles Fan page).

Joel Diaz, CVT and Dr. Orlando Diaz
145 Visits
28 Images
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2017 Available Gallery
10. 2017 Available Gallery 
Here is everything we have available from our 2017 Breeding Season.  We have tried to price everything accordingly and be competitive so that you can get the boa or boas you have always wanted.  

Please feel free to email with any questions you have on any of the stock.  

Thank you.
2481 Visits
266 Images
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11. 2017 Kankakee Co. Fair Barnyard Pull  (August 5, 2017)
Barnyard class tractor pull @ the Kankakee (IL) Co. Fair.
Weight classes 4500-6000-7500-9000-10500
10 Visits
0 Images
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1968 Mister Softee's Pop Parade
12. 1968 Mister Softee's Pop Parade 
309 Visits
48 Images
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1984 Super Musical (pop music cards)
13. 1984 Super Musical (pop music cards) 
889 Visits
201 Images
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1985 7-11 Slurpee Pop Music Discs
14. 1985 7-11 Slurpee Pop Music Discs 
211 Visits
14 Images
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Available 2016 & Older Stock
15. Available 2016 & Older Stock 
Here is all the Boas we have available from 2016 and earlier.
2589 Visits
152 Images
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