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2017 Victoria Regional
16. 2017 Victoria Regional  (April 17-23, 2017)
Photos taken for the Daily Bulletin of the 2017 Victoria Regional Bridge Tournament, held April 17-23 at the Victoria Conference Centre in downtown Victoria.
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17. Urabamba 
1176 Visits
110 Images
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18. vilcabamba 
Chokekirau/Rio Apurimac/MACHU PICCHU
1795 Visits
188 Images
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19. Ausangate/Amazon  
Ausangate, Amazon, Ayahuasca and altitudes inbetween...
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200 Images
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Minka Vision school project
20. Minka Vision school project  
1212 Visits
50 Images
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21. amazon 
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78 Images
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Vilcabamba 2
22. Vilcabamba 2 
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23. 20150220年初一 
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Plantation Bottoms' 2017-18
24. Plantation Bottoms' 2017-18 
Here it is, again, another year at Plantation Bottoms' & ThorneSide Cabin. The Good Lord has blessed us all yet again with good health, great friends, and the same old cranky & fussy 5 members and buddies! And again, sponsored & brought to you by Lacrosse / Danner Footwear & waders, Drake Waterfowl,& Stephanie's Bird-world Taxidermy, & SilloSocks Tornado Rotary Decoy Machine folks!.
Thank you from Myself & Maggie Mae(3 yr.), Andrew, Richard, Tom, and Mr. Gil..
836 Visits
97 Images
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25. 2017 
Digital pages and special sections designed to run in all Cox Media Group newspapers nationwide.
520 Visits
43 Images
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USS Pueblo
26. USS Pueblo  (September 26, 2003)
I am including this album as a small tribute to the USS Pueblo and her crew who were seized and taken hostage by North Korea on January 23, 1968. One sailor was killed in the capture and the rest were imprisoned, beaten and tortured for 11 months. I am honored to have had the privilege of meeting these men and their Commanding Officer at the time of their release and again when I was  invited to attend their USS Pueblo reunion last fall. CMDR Llyod Bucher was and always will be to me a hero. As are all the men who endured that event and the times that followed. CMDR Bucher passed away January 29, 2004.
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Ministry for the Lord in 2017
27. Ministry for the Lord in 2017  (2017)
God is doing through us what He wishes. He keeps the doors of our ministry opened. His hands touch the hearts of children and orphans.
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333 Images
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Corsair F4-U 1A
28. Corsair F4-U 1A 
1210 Visits
30 Images
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Autumn on the Square 2016
29. Autumn on the Square 2016  (Sept 24th 2016)
Beauty pageant from AOS 2016, we had other commitments that day so couldn't stay for all the fun and festivities but the pageant was great
1589 Visits
68 Images
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Great Smoky Mountain Dog Club
30. Great Smoky Mountain Dog Club 

GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAIN DOG CLUB (GSMDC) is a UKC-affiliated multi-breed kennel club located in the Great Smoky Mountain region. GSMDC was organized in 2003 and held its' first conformation shows in 2005. Every April and October, GSMDC hosts conformation shows. Sometimes the club offers performance events, too.

The Great Smoky Mountain Dog Club's purpose is to educate the public about dog breeds, host dog sporting events, and invite fanciers to east Tennessee for various competitions. We welcome all who support the standards and contribute to the success of the GSMDC and the United Kennel Club: breeders, fanciers, and handlers who wish to exhibit purebred dogs in the spirit of Good Sportsmanship.  

HOW TO ENTER: Below you will find an entry form. Download, fill out, email to gsmdc2005@gmail.com

HOW TO PRE-PAY: PAY for Entries via PAYPAL to account of GSMDC2005@GMAIL.COM through Friends & Family or add 3.5% (percent) to total. ***Any fees charged to GSMDC are passed on to entrant

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