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"Luis Chapa Benefit Event"
Hi This is Susan Zulaica  I reside in Pleasanton,Tx and ended up meeting a very nice couple , that was having a benefit for his brother. I was invited to attend by the Lead Singer of Grupo Xelente. the Benefit was intended for Luis Chapa and was going to be held in Marconi's. I went to the event and felt so privilege to be invited. I has the chance to meet Luis and his wife. Also had the chance to meet his mother, brothers and sisters, follow by his children. The environment felt wonderful, you could feel the love that had for their brother. I want to thank the Tino Chapa for invited me on behalf of JTMX TEJANO MUSIC  EXPRESS, www.jinaink.com. also want to thank Grupo Xelente and  Los Marcelles for a awesome performance.
Date(s): March 31,2012. Album by Jina Ink"s Entertainment News World Wide. Photos by Susan Zulaica. 0 Total. 0 Visits.

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