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Hollywood Knights vs. Glendora 2015
1. Hollywood Knights vs. Glendora 2015  (November 19, 2015)
All Photos by Debbie Braasch.

To save a photo to your computer in the high resolution size, double click on the photo you want, it will open in a larger size in a new window.  In the new window, at the bottom of the photo, click on "original" and it will again open in a new window in the high res size.  Right click and "save as" on the high res size photo and you will have it on your computer.
17 Visits
136 Images
Linked Album
Gassaway Wedding
2. Gassaway Wedding  (March 14, 2009)
211 Visits
3 Images
Linked Album
Seegmillers Romancing The Dark
3. Seegmillers Romancing The Dark 
4539 Visits
24 Images
Linked Album
4. legiondinner  (2015 dinner dance)
2015 Dinner Dance Davenpoort Club
749 Visits
47 Images
Linked Album
5. Kailee  (September 19, 2004)
Kailee's 1st Birthday
2676 Visits
4 Images
Linked Album
6. TBird  (September 13, 2007)
2404 Visits
8 Images
Linked Album
7. Coty 
1721 Visits
316 Images
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Veterans day
8. Veterans day  (11-11-2015)
2015 Pelham New York Veterans Day
526 Visits
27 Images
Linked Album
Albacore 2003 Reunion
9. Albacore 2003 Reunion 
The first "official" gathering of a large group of Albacore shipmates.
83 Visits
44 Images
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Theodora Les Arts Florissants Lincoln Ce
10. Theodora Les Arts Florissants Lincoln Ce  (October 31, 2015)
Wish I could have taken more photos during the performance, but an elderly woman policed me by poking me harshly in the arm.
837 Visits
7 Images
Linked Album
Norm Bower & Dick Wilder Retirement
11. Norm Bower & Dick Wilder Retirement  (October 17,2015)
Norm and Dick were honored for their years of service as members of the Portsmouth Submarine Memorial association.
802 Visits
37 Images
Linked Album
2015 Reunion
12. 2015 Reunion  (September 24-27 2015)
Photos courtesy of John Gandiello
771 Visits
83 Images
Linked Album
Albacore Comes Home
13. Albacore Comes Home  (May 1985)
This series of photographs shows the initial stages of moving Albacore from the Piscataqua River to its ultimate location in a dry basin alongside the NH Route 1 By-Pass.
805 Visits
45 Images
Linked Album
2014 Submarine History Day
14. 2014 Submarine History Day  (20 September 2014)
860 Visits
28 Images
Linked Album
Fly Around Body (FAB)
15. Fly Around Body (FAB) 
829 Visits
68 Images
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