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Bone Handled Knife
1. Bone Handled Knife 
34 Visits
5 Images
Linked Album
9th Annual SA Star Gala
2. 9th Annual SA Star Gala 
59 Visits
6 Images
Linked Album
3. Hourglass 
39 Visits
4 Images
Linked Album
David's Watch Choices and Pocket Watches
4. David's Watch Choices and Pocket Watches 
I will keep all pocket watches for the scene he's fixing them - but if you could chose one watch as David's hero wrist watch that would be very helpful.
41 Visits
8 Images
Linked Album
Joe's Pool Party July 2014
5. Joe's Pool Party July 2014 
152 Visits
98 Images
Linked Album
Jimmy Edward Fundraiser
6. Jimmy Edward Fundraiser 
77 Visits
41 Images
Linked Album
Happy Birhday Diane Payami
7. Happy Birhday Diane Payami 
108 Visits
19 Images
Linked Album
Tejanos Gone Wild party patrol
8. Tejanos Gone Wild party patrol 
In San Antonio Puro Party
211 Visits
222 Images
Linked Album
TTMA 2014
9. TTMA 2014 
San Antonio Texas @ The Lila Cochril Theatre
202 Visits
249 Images
Linked Album
Halloween with Jina Ink 2014
10. Halloween with Jina Ink 2014 
This year was the first time my grandson Maverick walked his way to "Trick-or-Treat"
and it's my first time a grandma.
144 Visits
8 Images
Linked Album
R & R Musicians Luncheon
11. R & R Musicians Luncheon  
75 Visits
10 Images
Linked Album
Alpha Phi Homecoming 2014
12. Alpha Phi Homecoming 2014  (Nov 8, 2014)
Alpha Phi's 2014 Homecoming Entry of Peter Pan's Big Adventure at Oklahoma City University.
43 Visits
2 Images
Linked Album
13. Olivia Newton-John in Reno 10/25/14  (October 26, 2014)
Olivia played at The Silver Legacy on October 25, 2014. It was an amazing show and she has some really talented band mates!
0 Visits
0 Images
Linked Album
Discovering Juliana Convention 2008
14. Discovering Juliana Convention 2008  (March 2008)
Tampa Florida Discovering Juliana Convention
192 Visits
104 Images
Linked Album
Convention 2013
15. Convention 2013  (Oct 2013)
297 Visits
54 Images
Linked Album
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