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Cars and Transportation
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1966 Chevelle SS! Vin # 138..427 Eng!
16. 1966 Chevelle SS! Vin # 138..427 Eng!  
Listing my 1966 Chevelle SS....out of the personal collection, I have owned this Chevelle for 12 years or longer. First time for sale by me! $36,900.00.

1966 Chevelle SS 396...Auto Trans, PS, DB, Factory Blue Car with Blue Bucket Seat Interior!

Factory A/C and Power Window Car!

Now running a 454 BUILT to a 427 Engine, over $10,000.00 spent on motor and the Power Glide Trans!

12 Bolt Rear with 308 Gears....runs with the traffic on Interstate 70-80 with ease!

Chevelle has nice Blue exterior paint with Medium Blue Bucket Seat Interior, Auto Console!
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17. 66bbc 
Full details coming, see www.hermansclassics.com for info. 606-878-5839.
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18. 65wc 
For sale phone 606-878-5839 or 606-521-4156, hermansclassics.com for video.
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2016 Car Shows
19. 2016 Car Shows 
Pics from different car shows I went to in 2016.
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2017 Car Shows
20. 2017 Car Shows 
Pics from different car shows I went to in 2017.
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21. bed for sale 
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22. 63pwi 
1963 Chevy Impala SS! $21,900.00.

Just in nice 1963 Chevy Impala SS....327 Engine, Auto Trans, PS, PB, Bucket Seats, Console and Factory Tach!

Nice White Pearl exterior paint with clean detailed Red Bucket Seat Interior, NICE Auto Console!

Impala has good floors, trunk and straight body lines.

Bumpers look to be new as most of the chrome does as well. Very clean clear window glass.

The Horn, Lights and Wipers all work great.

New Flomaster Exhaust that sounds good.

Car has NEW set of 17 Inch Torque Thrust Wheels with new Tires! Nice cruiser for $21,900.00 Call for details 606-521-4156 or 606-878-5839.
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23. 54rct 
Full details coming....see hermansclassics.com for info! 606-878-5839 or 606-521-4156.
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24. 1969BBC  (Photos taked 3-15-2012)
Details coming!
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25. 1970  (Photos taken Sept, 2008)
Just in 1970 Chevelle SS 454 Clone! Now running a 454 Engine, 400 Turbo Trans, PS, Factory A/C Car! 12 Bolt 411 Posi Rear! Chevelle has nice Hugger Orange Exterior with White Stripes! Black Bucket Seat Interior with Auto Console! New Seat Covers, Door Panels, Carpet! Round Guage Dash!

Headlights, Siginals, Tail Lights all work!

New American Racing Torque Thrust Wheels with RWL Tires! Nice sounding Flowmaster Exhaust! Nice Floors! Hard to beat this one for $16,900.00.

Call for details!  606-878-5839 or 606-521-4156
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26. 85rt 
Full details coming....see hermansclassics.com for video. Contact us at 606-878-5839 or 606-521-4156.
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Web Access
27. Web Access 
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M101A1 Trailer
28. M101A1 Trailer 
Cool trailer
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1968 Camaro SS Clone Conv. $19,900.00
29. 1968 Camaro SS Clone Conv. $19,900.00  (Photos taken April, 2009)
Just in and ready for Summer! $19,900.00

1968 Camaro SS Clone Convertible! 350 Engine, Auto Trans, PS, PDB!! Has a lot of dress up goodies on Engine! Factory C 2 Code White Car with Black Convertible Top! Approximately 5 year old restoration....Camaro still looks nice and runs great!

Very CLEAN Black Bucket Seat Interior with nice Auto Console!

Super sounding Stereo system! Nice Tires and Wheels! Flowmaster Exhaust!

Looking for a Rag Top for Summer Cruising....fly in and drive this one home. Car runs and drives great! Priced at $19,900.00.

Call for details 606-878-5839 or 606-521-4156.
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Continuing improvements....
30. Continuing improvements.... 
We didn't just buy the car and leave it as it was! Oh, no.....It's impossible to not tinker with it, add to it, & make changes that we think improve on it's overall stunning good looks!

We will continue to add to this file, as we make more changes to the car!
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