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Pams Fall Meet 2016
On Sat. Oct. 22. Jim Schlick again hosted “ Pam’s Fall Meet” at his home in Bloomington, Indiana, in memory of his late wife Pam Schlick.
Jim owns a very impressive collection of Peugeot’s, some very rare model are in his collection.
It was a very beautiful fall day and the meet was very well attended, many very interesting car’s to look at.  A real nice Buffet lunch
Was served at noon with a lot of delicious dishes.  We all had a great time admiring the car’s and share ring car stories, Just a great
Get together ! Jim Host this meet every year in the month of October !!
I have attended this meet for many Years, always looking forward to the meet’s. This Year I drove my 85 Mercedes Benz 300CD
I left Richmond, VA Wed. and arrived at Jim’s on Thursday, I always drive out early, in order to help Jim get ready for the meet.
I left for home  early Sun AM and made the 700 mile trip back to Richmond in 11 hour’s The M-B 300 CD made the trip without an
Problems, pretty good for a 30+ year old car and the odometer passed 319.000 miles on the way home.
Date(s): October 22, 2016. Album by Steffen Moller. Photos by Steffen. 1 - 51 of 51 Total. 574 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
This is the invitatation Jim sent out for this Year's Meet.

Enlarge photo 2
Some of the Peugeots are on 'battery tenders' as they await being moved out of the 'Peugeot Polebarn' and into the bright sunny day for the fall car meet/cruise-in.

Enlarge photo 3
Another view of the Peugeots about ready to be moved outside for the fall car meet/cruise-in.

Enlarge photo 4
It was a bright sunny day as can be seen reflected on the hood (aka 'bonnet') of the 1988 205 GTI 1.9 and its 405 station wagon (aka 'estate') neighbors. On the left is a 1990 405 S and on the right is a 1992 405 GL.

Enlarge photo 5
Jim's three Peugeot mopeds... two 103 models on the left and a 104 model on the right. They are 'in the queue' for possible restoration (aka 'another black hole'?!?).

Enlarge photo 6
Five of Jim's Peugeots, from left: 1981 504 estate with an XD2S turbo-diesel engine; 1992 405 GL estate; 1990 405 S estate; 2000 406 coupe; and 1968 204 convertible (aka 'cabriolet').

Enlarge photo 7
Another view of the 504 TD; 405 GL; 405 S; 406 coupe; and 204 cabrio.

Enlarge photo 8
Jim's three 403's and a 404, from left: 1958 403 cabriolet; 1960 403 estate; 1966 403B sedan; and 1968 404A sedan automatique.

Enlarge photo 9
Three of Jim's sportier Peugeots, from left: 1988 205 GTI; 2001 206 XR; and 1967 404 coupe.

Enlarge photo 10
Another view of the 404 and three 403's. You can see that it was an absolutely beautiful day!

Enlarge photo 11
Steffen's 1985 Mercedes Benz 300CD, flanked by Sharon and Jeff's 2012 Corvette Grand Sport.
On the way home, the odometer on the 300CD passed 319.000 miles, Made the 1400 mile round trip from Richmond, VA without any problems.

Enlarge photo 12
The Peugeot mopeds are joined by Jim's lone Peugeot bicycle. He's not sure of the model or year.

Enlarge photo 13
Now that's an interesting looking Peugeot... just kidding!! This is Jim's 1994 Harley-Davidson FLHR (aka 'Road King'). Jim hasn't ridden the Harley since his auto accident in December 2013, but getting back on the Harley is still the goal.

Enlarge photo 14
A close-up view of the 1968 204 cabriolet. Pam and Jim purchased this Peugeot in 2002 from an enthusiast and auto restorer near Montreal, Quebec, Canada. (They purchased the 1967 404 coupe injection from the same Frenchman a year earlier.)

Enlarge photo 15
A close-up view of the 2000 406 coupe. Jim purchased this Peugeot a few years ago from a fellow enthusiast who owns an automotive repair and restoration shop in Michigan. He also has a nice collection of primarily French automobiles.

Enlarge photo 16
A close-up view of the 1990 405 S estate.

Enlarge photo 17
A close-up view of the 1992 405 GL estate. The original owner told Jim that the only time it didn't start was the morning of 11 September 2001 and, as a result, he missed his regular train from Hoboken, NJ to the World Trade Center and wasn't at his desk in the second tower that fateful morning. Needless-to-say, Jim is taking special care of this Peugeot, and recently had it reupholstered and repainted, and added S-type wheels.

Enlarge photo 18
A close-up view of the 1981 504 TD. The turbo-diesel engine, which was not offered in a turbo version in 504 models, was installed before Jim purchased this Peugeot many years ago from a fellow enthusiast (and diesel mechanic) in the Seattle area.

Enlarge photo 19
A close-up view of the 1958 403 cabriolet. This Peugeot was purchased a few years ago from a collector in Texas.
A bit of trivia: Detective Columbo drove a 1959 403 cabriolet on the "Columbo" television show. (A bit more trivia: Jim purchased the full Columbo series on DVD when actor Peter Falk passed away. Jim has barely 'made a dent' in viewing the full series... maybe it will help if we have a long, cold winter here in southern Indiana!)

Enlarge photo 20
A close-up view of the 1960 403 estate. This Peugeot was purchased last year via an absentee bid in an auction in southern California.

Enlarge photo 21
A close-up view of the 1966 403B. This was the first 'collector' Peugeot purchased by Pam and Jim in 1997 when they lived north of Philadelphia. They purchased this 403 from an ex-Peugeot dealer in Connecticut who sold it originally, and then bought it from the 'little old lady's' estate and restored it. Pam and Jim had owned Peugeots exclusively as 'daily drivers' (but not collector cars) since the mid-1970s.

Enlarge photo 22
A close-up view of the 1968 404A automatique. This is the second collector Peugeot that Pam and Jim purchased from an individual owner in Connecticut in 1998. Although it was in very good condition at the time, they drove it 30 miles 'up the road' to the ex-Peugeot dealer (please see the 403B description) and had him restore this Peugeot.

Enlarge photo 23
A close-up view of the 1988 205 GTI. Jim purchased this 205 last year from a collector in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It just looks fast, doesn't it?!?
A bit of trivia: The Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 model was very competitive in the World Rally Championship (WRC) series and the Pike's Peak "Race to the Clouds" in the mid-1980s.

Enlarge photo 24
A close-up view of the 2001 206 XR. Jim purchased this Peugeot a few years ago from a fellow enthusiast who was a Peugeot master mechanic and repair shop owner in Austin, Texas.

Enlarge photo 25
A close-up view of the 1967 404 coupe injection. Pam and Jim purchased this Peugeot in 2002 from a French enthusiast and auto restorer near Montreal, Quebec, Canada. one of only four 404 coupes known to exist in the United States. And Jim's is one of them!There are several known to exist in Canada and, of course, in Europe.

Enlarge photo 26
Matt's 1978 Pontiac Trans-Am. This was the first time that Matt and his Trans-Am attended the fall car meet/cruise-in.

Enlarge photo 27
Jeff and Sharon's 2012 Grand Sport. Jeff and Sharon have attended the fall car meet/cruise-in for the last few years.

Enlarge photo 28
The Peugeot Lion of Belfort in a delicious, albeit short-lived, setting. Thanks to Larry for bringing this creative dessert in his 2012 Audi A7. Seems a bit ironic, doesn't it? A German car delivering a French-inspired pie to an American car meet. By the way, the pie was devoured rather quickly.

Enlarge photo 29
Dave's 1985 Alfa Romeo Spider Graduate. We believe this is the first time that Dave and his Alfa attended the fall car meet/cruise-in.

Enlarge photo 30
You may recognize Gary's 2002 Toyota MR2 Spyder from previous fall car meets. It was a beautiful day to have the top down and enjoy the fall southern Indiana weather.

Enlarge photo 31
Tom and Theresa's 1990 Corvette. It was a beautiful addition to the fall car meet/cruise-in.

Enlarge photo 32
Mike and his 1965 Mustang convertible. Mike is an officer in the Cruisin' Classics of Bloomington car club. He and his Mustang have attended several of the fall car meets.

Enlarge photo 33
Who's that behind those Foster Grants?!? Oh... it's Jim's longtime friends Gary and Susan! It was a great day to just stand in the sun talking with friends and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Enlarge photo 34
Sorry, but we don't know the owner or other details about this BMW Z3.

Enlarge photo 35
The dessert section of the pitch-in buffet lunch was well stocked, and everything was wonderfully delicious!

Enlarge photo 36
Tom's 2004 eleventh-generation Ford Thunderbird. This the first year that Tom and his T-bird attended the fall car meet/cruise-in. Tom is an officer in the Cruisin' Classics of Bloomington car club.

Enlarge photo 37
You may recognize Joe's 1952 Kaiser from previous fall car meets as they have been attending for several years. Joe is an officer in the Cruisin' Classics of Bloomington car club.

Enlarge photo 38
There was plenty of time to talk about the cars throughout the afternoon. Tucker is undoubtedly explaining some of the finer points of his MGA.

Enlarge photo 39
What a beautiful day to sit with friends and enjoy the southern Indiana weather.

Enlarge photo 40
And the discussions continued.

Enlarge photo 41
And continued...

Enlarge photo 42
And continued, even inside the Peugeot Polebarn...

Enlarge photo 43
Jim's friends Erika and Laura undoubtedly catching up on things automotive

Enlarge photo 44
Laura and Steffen pose for a photo... but then who's behind the camera for this shot?!? (Thanks, Erika!!)

Enlarge photo 45
Tucker and Lynn's 1962 MGA Deluxe. You've probably noticed this MGA from previous fall car meets. Tucker is the owner of AutoSport Inc north of Bloomington, which specializes in vintage British automobiles. He and his team do all of the repair and maintenance work on Jim's (admittedly French) Peugeots.

Enlarge photo 46
John and his daughter Rebecca pose by their 1972 Mercedes Benz 250 coupe and 1953 MGTD kit-car. The kit car has an original, correctly functioning MGTD hood (aka 'cowling') with a more modern running gear and a rust-proof fiberglass body (except for the cowling, of course).

Enlarge photo 47
John reports that he has owned this 1972 Mercedes Benz 250 Coupe one year longer than his daughter, who drove it to the car meet, is old.
(Of course, he didn't say if he purchased it new... so don't bother trying to 'do the math' on this one!)

Enlarge photo 48
Jim, seated on the right, enjoying the company of his family and friends near the end of the day. Jim's brother-in-law Herb, his girlfriend Becky, and his daughters Quinn and Malory (all pictured above) drove from Iowa to help with the car meet, as they do every year.

Enlarge photo 49
Jim's brother-in-law Herb posing with the Peugeots (and a 1950 Allis Chalmers WD) as the Peugeots were returned to their positions on (or under) the automotive lifts.

Enlarge photo 50
Jim's niece Quinn helped return the 205 GTI to the Peugeot Polebarn. Of course first she just had to 'take it for a spin' around the yard.

Enlarge photo 51
Quinn seems to be enjoying herself in the 205 GTI... or is it the cigar that puts a smile on her face?!?!

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