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Cars and Transportation
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1. 54rct 
Full details coming....see hermansclassics.com for info! 606-878-5839 or 606-521-4156.
601 Visits
35 Images
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2. 1967wc 
Full details see www.hermansclassics.com.....Phone 606-878-5839 or 606-521-4156
727 Visits
45 Images
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3. 55tw 
Please see www.hermansclassics.com for details.
1365 Visits
59 Images
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Heater w/Defrost Installation
4. Heater w/Defrost Installation 
Pictures show the install of a Vintage Air Gen II Heater
with Defrost 506101
198 Visits
15 Images
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5. 1955rw 
Full details....see hermansclassics.com this car is for sale.
1515 Visits
65 Images
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6. 70bc10 
Full details coming....see hermansclassics.com for full details or Phone 606-878-5839.
783 Visits
50 Images
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Shows, Awards & Media
7. Shows, Awards & Media 
We take the car to many car shows in the area....some shows it does very well....others, not so much.
Whether we come home with a trophy or not, we still have a blast showing the car off, and educating the automotive public about 1991-1994 Mercury Capris!
316 Visits
17 Images
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Continuing improvements....
8. Continuing improvements.... 
We didn't just buy the car and leave it as it was! Oh, no.....It's impossible to not tinker with it, add to it, & make changes that we think improve on it's overall stunning good looks!

We will continue to add to this file, as we make more changes to the car!
302 Visits
37 Images
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The Future
9. The Future 
Like I said before.....it's hard not to tinker with this car and add to it, or make changes...
Many pictures in this file were done in Photoshop...it's the easiest way to visualize a potential change without damaging the car.

If you see a potential change and really like it, or if you absolutely detest it - PLEASE leave a comment in the guestbook! The opinions of others in regards to this car is very important to me...I look at this car as an ongoing "community project" and actively seek the opinions of other car lovers, no matter if those opinions are good or bad!
286 Visits
9 Images
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The Build
10. The Build 
The car was built by hand by Alvin Bunge of Merril, WI.
It took Mr. Bunge took approximately 2 years to build this car!
319 Visits
47 Images
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11. 66bma 
For sale please see www.hermansclassics.com for details...PH 606-878-5839 or 606-521-4156.
1077 Visits
38 Images
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2005 Chrysler 300C
12. 2005 Chrysler 300C  (August 1, 2016)
2005 Chrysler 300C in Cool Vanilla
185 Visits
8 Images
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13. 69oc427 
Full details coming, see hermansclassics.com or phone 606-878-5839.
1577 Visits
47 Images
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GMC S-15
14. GMC S-15 
Out of High school I wanted a mini 4x4 truck. Had my heart set on a Toyota till I tried to sit in one. Didn't fit so plan B. A family friend rebuilt totals and I ask him to keep his eyes open and let me know if he found anything. He called a while later and said he found a 1985 s 15 4x4 shortbed and we went back to look. Decided to get it so here it is.
321 Visits
21 Images
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1972 Chevy Camaro! 350 / 4 Spd! PS, PDB!
15. 1972 Chevy Camaro! 350 / 4 Spd! PS, PDB! 
Just in nice 1972 Chevy Camaro! 350 Engine, 4 Spd Trans, PS, PDB, 10 Bolt 342 Posi!

Camaro is now running a rebuilt 350 Engine! Runs and drives really nice!

Really nice Midnight Blue exterior paint with a lot of Metallic in the color! Gray Z Stripes! Straight body car and clean lines! Very expense paint on this Camaro!

Very clean detailed custom interior, looks like Leather. New 4 Spd Console, New Tilt Column, New Dash Pad.

Car has New Split Bumpers, New Remote Mirrors.....Great sounding Stereo System!

This is a really nice car that has a great sounding Flowmaster Exhaust!

Nice Floors and Trunk!

New Torque Thrust Wheels with NEW Tires!

High end restoration done on this car by previous owners, he stated over 30K spent on car! Fly in and drive this car home.

Great car for the money $21,900.00. Call for full details 606-878-5839 or 606-521-4156.
1584 Visits
46 Images
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