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Mark and Eric visit
1. Mark and Eric visit  (10/04/18 to 10/08/18)
Old friends Mark and his son Eric stop by for a Utah visit!
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Torir does Utah
2. Torir does Utah  (09/18-18 to 09/26/18)
My pilot friend Tor from Iceland finally visits us in Utah.  These are our adventures in Utah.

Riding... Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin, Honda XR650L, Honda XR650R and Yamaha FJR1300 and Toyota Tacoma DCLB 4x4 Sport

Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons
Silver Lake & Silver Fork Lodge
Guardsman Pass
Albion Basin
Antelope Island
Fielding Garr Ranch
Oktoberfest at Snowbird
American Fork Canyon and Alpine Loop  around Mount Timpanogos - Cascade springs
Crossing wildfires in Utah
Onion Creek
Red Cliff Lodge
Moonflower Canyon
Kane Creek
Chicken Corners
Hurrah Pass
Deadhorse Park complete with dead horse head
Pucker Pass
Long Canyon
Ancient Indian Petroglyphs
Fossil shop
Blu Pig
La Sal Mountain loop
Oowah Lake
Quaking Aspens and fall colors
Black bears, Antelope, Bison, Mule Deer, skunks and wild turkeys!
Arches park
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Kyleen and Bryan
3. Kyleen and Bryan 
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Bonneville Speed Week 2018 08/15/18
4. Bonneville Speed Week 2018 08/15/18  (08/15/18)
What a great day on the Salt with the Africa Twin.  The racers and spectators are amazing at this event.  Congrats to Danny Thompson for breaking a land speed record at 448mph!
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Utah Wildflowers - Albion Basin
5. Utah Wildflowers - Albion Basin  (07/30/17)
Utah Wildflowers with Adrienne, Matt and Karen.  A beautiful hike up Albion Basin and a tram ride to Hidden Peak at Snowbird.
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Speed Week, Bonneville Salt Flats
6. Speed Week, Bonneville Salt Flats  (08/16/17)
Visited the legendary Speed Week at the Bonneville Salt Flats!  FAST cars and bikes and amazing people.  This is a MUST see if you are in Utah when they are running on the Flats.
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Canyoneering the Subway in Southern Utah
7. Canyoneering the Subway in Southern Utah  (05/20/17)
Canyoneering the subway in Zion Park with Mike, Rachel, Brian, Kyleen, Adrienne and Pete!  GREAT fun!
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Tasmanian Mark Visit
8. Tasmanian Mark Visit  (06/29/17 to 07/02/17)
Tasmanian adventure rider and world traveler Mark Millwood comes for a visit.  We ride to Evanston Wyoming, Mirror Lake highway, Cottonwood Canyons, Guardsman pass, Albion Basin, Cecret lake.  What a great time and thanks for stopping by Mark.  May you have safe travels to Alaska!
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Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Beartooth MT
9. Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Beartooth MT  (06/14/17 to 06/20/17)
Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Beartooth Pass MT, Chief Joseph Highway, Driggs Idaho, Jackson etc with Adrienne, Ted and the kids!
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10. Utah  (Every day)
I love it here.  
Nuff said.
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Utah 2
11. Utah 2  (2017 on)
Just too many pix in Utah 1 folder!
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Moab Utah - Thanksgiving 2016
12. Moab Utah - Thanksgiving 2016  (10/26/16)
Moab with Adrienne and Ziggy is always a great time!
Moab in the DCLB Tacoma 4x4
Hurrah Pass
Chicken Corners
Gemini Bridges
Dead Horse Point
La Sal Mountains
Moonflower Canyon
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Motorcycle pics
13. Motorcycle pics  (January 28, 2002)
Motorcycle pics
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Halloween 2016
14. Halloween 2016  (10/31/16)
The best holiday :-)
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Fall meets winter in Utah
15. Fall meets winter in Utah  (09/24/16)
Fall meets winter in Utah
MSG Meeting
Hiking in Grizzly Gulch
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Utah Panoramas
16. Utah Panoramas 
Lovin life in beautiful Utah.
Just a complilation of Panoramas from around the state.
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17. Ziggy  (05/06/2016 and beyond)
Ziggy is a standard smooth shorthair dachshund who was born in Portland Oregon.  His breeder Claire Mancha is amazing and is simply wonderful to work with.  She is one of a handful of STANDARD dachshund breeders in the USA and her transitioning methods of her pups make a LOT of difference in the pup you receive.  I received him as a 12 week old pup and expect to share a life of fun, love and adventure with him!
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Grand Gulch Backpack trip
18. Grand Gulch Backpack trip  (03/16/16 to 03/20/16)
Backpack trip with Dave and Logan Affleck in Grand Gulch Utah.  Amazing times, landscapes, Anasazi ruins, wall art, and more.  Kane Gulch to Bullet Canyon.
Many thanks to Dave Affleck "DAA" for always finding our way, and finding water!
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2013 Taco DCLB
19. 2013 Taco DCLB 
2013 Double Cab Tacoma Long Bed
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Cross country on a borrowed Concours 14
20. Cross country on a borrowed Concours 14  (Sept 21-27, 2011)
Cross country cycle trip on a borrowed Concours 14
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Max the wonder dog
21. Max the wonder dog  (RIP 9/15/15)
I've been blessed to have had Max in my life.
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Cancun Mexico - Scott/Chelsea Wedding!
22. Cancun Mexico - Scott/Chelsea Wedding!  (06/12/12 - 06/19/12)
Fun times in Mexico for Scott and Chelsea's Wedding
Resort was Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun

*****200 MEG multipage PDF files, click ONCE and let it load!*****
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23. Antigua  (May 15, 2012)
A great visit to Antigua to see Char, Kerry and island life!  What a treat!
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White Rose Hill Climb
24. White Rose Hill Climb  (Sept 30th, 2007)
AMA championship hill climb at White Rose
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DAMN Riders do Green Ridge 2013
25. DAMN Riders do Green Ridge 2013  (05/17/13 to 05/19/13)
DAMN Riders Hooligans reunion at Green Ridge State Park.  
The ORV trail was closed but the dual sport riding and G6 Campground was a blast!
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26. Firearms  (January 19, 2002)
Firearms pics
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Bangkok Thailand
27. Bangkok Thailand  (May 8, 2009)
Pics from Bangkok Thailand
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Heather McMinn - Joshua Haines wedding
28. Heather McMinn - Joshua Haines wedding  (05/25/13)
A beautiful wedding and reception for Heather and Josh held at Seven Mountains Wine Cellars
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Utah Trip
29. Utah Trip  (July 3, 2002)
Utah Trip
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Fall 2012 ride
30. Fall 2012 ride  (10/21/12)
Just a quick dirtbike ride around Loch Raven Reservoir and a few surrounding farms.
XR650L fun
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Cabin trip
31. Cabin trip  (09/15/2012)
A great trip to Mike's cabin deep in the gorgeous WVa mountains. A little work, a little play and lots of fun!
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17 Hornet
32. 17 Hornet  (09/11/12)
17 Hornet
One of the first factory wildcat 17 Hornets to hit the public market!  Should be a GREAT fur caliber!
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Hopkins Neurology NCR bike ride
33. Hopkins Neurology NCR bike ride  (August 20th, 2012)
Fun with work hooligans.  
Great bicycle ride on the NCR trail and THANKS JUSTIN FOR LUNCH!

***** These are 190 meg PDF files with 55+ pix in each file.  Click ONCE and WAIT.  You can save target to your desktop, then come back and view it!
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Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
34. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic  (05/01/12 through 05/06/12)
Punta Cana trip with my PA redneck friends
This was a 30th high school reunion
Resort is Majestic Colonial and Majestic Elegance
These are HUGE 150-200 meg multi page PDF files
They take time to load.  Click ONCE and save to desktop and then look at them!  Average 75 pix per file.
Load, size to fit screen and page or scroll down for next pic.
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Michaux Dual Sport Motorcycle Event
35. Michaux Dual Sport Motorcycle Event  (August 14, 2011)
Michaux state park
23rd year event
America's oldest dual sport motorcycle event
Organized by MORE
Michaux Offroad Enthusiasts
One PDF file, 54 pix, click once, let load, scroll down
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Moab Utah Cycle Trip
36. Moab Utah Cycle Trip  (05/14/11 to 05/21/11)
One week in Moab Utah on my XR650L.  Riding with DAMN riders Patrick, Jay, Junior, Todd and Mike.
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Hurricane Ridge WA cycle ride
37. Hurricane Ridge WA cycle ride  (10/08/09)
Had a blast riding Hurricane Ridge/Olympic National Park with ADV rider Tim (Jackazz).  He treated me to a ride on his KTM 690 Sm and his BMW GS1100.  GREAT day of riding and thanks Tim!
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Trail cam pix
38. Trail cam pix 
Trail Cam Pix from Bushnell Trophy Cam
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Trail Cam Videos
39. Trail Cam Videos 
Trail Cam Videos from Bushnell Trophy Cam
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Warrior Dash 2010
40. Warrior Dash 2010  (10/09/10)
Warrior Dash 2010
Let the insanity begin :o)
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Indy MotoGP and 1mi flat track racing
41. Indy MotoGP and 1mi flat track racing  (08/28/10 to 08/29/10)
Incredible motorcycle racing at Indianapolis IN.
Moto GP and Indy 1 mile flat track
1300 mile ride and great memories
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Aussie Ride About...
42. Aussie Ride About...  (June 9th -11th, 2010)
Met up with David Donne from Evans Head, New South Wales, Australia.  David was taking a 2 month leave to travel the USA on cycle.  2 Thumbs up to this ADVENTURE RIDER!  He is touring on a Moto Guzzi and lovin life.  We toured through Arlington and eventually rode southwest to Staunton VA.  David went west to Cass WV and I rode back through Skyline Drive to go home.
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Green Ridge Dual Sport Ride 4/30/10
43. Green Ridge Dual Sport Ride 4/30/10  (04/30/10 to 05/02/10)
Just a bunch of dirtbike hooligans having fun at Green Ridge State Park in Western MD
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Michaux Dual Sport Event Aug 9th, 2009
44. Michaux Dual Sport Event Aug 9th, 2009  (August 9th, 2009)
America's oldest dual sport motorcycle event held at Michaux State Park.  Sponsored by Michaux Off-Road Enthusiasts.  This was the 21st annual running of this event.
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Key West
45. Key West 
Key West
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5/13/09 Harford Co ride
46. 5/13/09 Harford Co ride  (5/13/9)
Just a bunch of DAMN riders havin fun in Harford County.  Thanks Dave for leading the pack!
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Green Ridge dual sport ride 4/24/09
47. Green Ridge dual sport ride 4/24/09  (04/24/09 to 04/26/09)
Dual sport riding and camping at Green Ridge State Park in MD.
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C&D Canal Ride with Dmar
48. C&D Canal Ride with Dmar  (11/4/07)
Nice fall ride with Dan (Dmar) from ADV Rider
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49. Micheaux  (September 15th, 2007)
Micheaux park dual sport ride
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Green Ridge Park cycle ride
50. Green Ridge Park cycle ride  (04/27/07 to 04/29/07)
Just an outstanding time on motorcyle. My XR650L added another 421 miles this weekend.
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Quarry ride with Dmar (Dan)
51. Quarry ride with Dmar (Dan)  (April 14th, 2007)
PA/MD cycle ride on and off road
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Pocono 2001 cycle pics
52. Pocono 2001 cycle pics  (January 28, 2002)
Pocono 2001 cycle pics
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Thompson Center Omega 50 cal
53. Thompson Center Omega 50 cal  (June 22, 2003)
Thompson Center Omega 50 cal
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Fishing pics
54. Fishing pics  (January 27, 2002)
Fishing Pics
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Olympus C3030 Canon A80, Canon S2IS, G10
55. Olympus C3030 Canon A80, Canon S2IS, G10  (January 19, 2002)
Olympus C3030 pics
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Pics for friends
56. Pics for friends  (January 21, 2002)
Pics for friends
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Taxidermy mounts
57. Taxidermy mounts  (February 4, 2002)
Taxidermy mounts
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Baltimore County Game and Fish
58. Baltimore County Game and Fish  (January 29, 2002)
Baltimore County Game and Fish Protective Association
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Work related
59. Work related  (January 15, 2002)
Work related pics
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60. Family  (January 21, 2002)
Family pics
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