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2011 Patuxent River Rural Legacy Ride
Three-hundred and sixty riders enjoyed the 12th annual Patuxent River Rural Legacy Bicycle Ride.
Album by ohbike.org. Photos by Jim Hudnall. 1 - 67 of 67 Total. 776 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
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The Oxon Hill Bicycle and Trail Club is ready for the 12th annual PAruxent River Rural Legacy Bicycle Ride. Follow the "blue fish" marking routes of 26, 35, 49 and 64 miles through Prince George's County's Patuxent River Rural Legacy Area. Edit

Enlarge photo 2
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Linda Milesworth and Walt Chalmers are there to direct parking Edit

Enlarge photo 3
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Walt shows the way to the parking area Edit

Enlarge photo 4
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Big smiles from Sharon and Diana for riders registering the morning of the ride Edit

Enlarge photo 5
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Jan waits for the next pre-registered rider Edit

Enlarge photo 6
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220 riders registered the morning of the ride. 147 had pre-registered. Edit

Enlarge photo 7
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Joni King and Benny Budd were there from the Bike Doctor of Waldorf Edit

Enlarge photo 8
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Joni and Benny took care of bike problems Edit

Enlarge photo 9
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Ready to go Edit

Enlarge photo 10
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OHBTC President Mike Bivens worked all day, helping setup, answering rider questions, being where needed and helping clean up at the end of the day Edit

Enlarge photo 11
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M-NCPPC says it is in their planning to pave access road and parking area Edit

Enlarge photo 12
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The second rest stop is at Magruders Ferry. Nancy and Blake walked their bikes over the stone parking lot between the rest stop and Magruders Ferry Road Edit

Enlarge photo 13
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A few ride, but most walk their bikes between the paved Magruders Road and the waterfron rest stop Edit

Enlarge photo 14
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A super volunteer crew at Magruders: Calvin and Celeste Conyers, John Early, Herman Young and Azalia Butler Edit

Enlarge photo 15
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John kept the water and Gatorade coolers full Edit

Enlarge photo 16
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Riders from Baltimore enjoying the Magruders rest stop. Michele, Ken Philhower, Cindy Wyatt, Bill Blankenship & Mary Ryan. Edit

Enlarge photo 17
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George Martin, the Jug Bay rest stop "chief," stirs the Gatorade Edit

Enlarge photo 18
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Sam Perry stayed busy cutting bagels and setting out food Edit

Enlarge photo 19
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At the Jug Bay Area in the Patuxent River Park, Regina Saizan gets the tables ready for the first riders Edit

Enlarge photo 20
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The Jug Bay rest stop is ready for the first rider Edit

Enlarge photo 21
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Richard Harrington helped George with the Gatorade and Sam and Regina with the food Edit

Enlarge photo 22
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The first rider likes the look of the strawberries. Fresh fruit for the event was donated by Keany Produce. Edit

Enlarge photo 23
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The first rider arrives Edit

Enlarge photo 24
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Cyclists are now on the road, these on Fenno Road leaving Merkle Edit

Enlarge photo 25
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Enlarge photo 26
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Turning onto Nottingham Road Edit

Enlarge photo 27
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Walt points toward parking in the field Edit

Enlarge photo 28
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Riders relax before riding Edit

Enlarge photo 29
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Supplies, drinks, chips and watermelon are there for the after-ride picnic Edit

Enlarge photo 30
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Janell has checked in and is ready to ride Edit

Enlarge photo 31
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Monica checks off a pre-registered rider Edit

Enlarge photo 32
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Jane Hudnall and her son Jay were a great help throughout the day Edit

Enlarge photo 33
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Enlarge photo 34
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Enlarge photo 35
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Enlarge photo 36
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Almost ready to ride Edit

Enlarge photo 37
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Enlarge photo 38
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REgistrsation is ready, thanks to Sharon Chalmers, Diana Brown, Monica Irmler and Jan Tucker Edit

Enlarge photo 39
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Smiling for the camera before setting off for 64 miles Edit

Enlarge photo 40
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Enlarge photo 43
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The rsst stop had a scenic view over the Patuxent River and great volunteers serving good food Edit

Enlarge photo 44
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Enlarge photo 45
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A rider looks at the route map Edit

Enlarge photo 46
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Celeste made a lot of PB&K sandwiches Edit

Enlarge photo 47
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Pat Colvin was the Eagle Harbor rest stop "chief" Edit

Enlarge photo 48
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Many thanks to James Green for letting OHBTC use his yard for the rest stop and to Bruce Guinn for letting the portable toilet be located in his front yard Edit

Enlarge photo 49
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Debbie Francisco made many tomato sandwiches. Thank you to Jack for bring the tomatoes, mayo and pita bread Edit

Enlarge photo 50
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The third rest stop was in the Town of Eagle Harbor, overlooking the Patuxent River Edit

Enlarge photo 51
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Jay has a piece of watermelon while he talks with Jack Hammond. Jack took care of the water, Gatorade and ice. Edit

Enlarge photo 52
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Phil is ready to finish another Rural Legacy Ride Edit

Enlarge photo 53
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Melanie smiles as she approaches Fenno Road for the last of 64 miles Edit

Enlarge photo 54
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Wally Huie was responsible for the hot dogs and had good help from Charlie Lorenzetti Edit

Enlarge photo 55
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REgina and Mike Saizan at the picnic. Mike was a SAG wagon driver. Sorry we missed getting pictures of the other SAG drivers: Ken Meredith, Michael Butler, Richard Edelman, Walter Carr and Randy Schoch Edit

Enlarge photo 56
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Steve dilutes the Gatorade to suit his taste Edit

Enlarge photo 57
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Jeanne Ulrich, responsible for route signage, tries one of Wally's hot dogs Edit

Enlarge photo 58
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Mike takes a picture of the one taking pictures Edit

Enlarge photo 59
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Sharon and Walt with the biking turtle Edit

Enlarge photo 60
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Yeah! 64 miles finished! Edit

Enlarge photo 61
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Theresa Jackson and Dana Trevas take a break from cutting watermelons. Dana did a great job has volunteer recruiter/coodinator Edit

Enlarge photo 62
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Riders Julie and Jeanine have contented smiles after another Rural Legacy Ride Edit

Enlarge photo 63
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Smiles for the camera and cool watermelon for thirsty cyclists Edit

Enlarge photo 64
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The end of another ride, and a big smile on the face of a hungery cyclist Edit

Enlarge photo 65
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Tim and Dee McChesney. Many thanks to Tim and Dee for providing pop-up canopies, chairs, tables and grill. Edit

Enlarge photo 66
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3 pm, the event is almost over, and the thunderstorm strikes with thunder, lightning, wind, rain and hail Edit

Enlarge photo 67
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The storm eventually ended, the sky cleared, and everyone helped cleanup after another Patuxent River Rural Legacy Ride. Thank you to all riders and volunteers. Edit

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