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Robin's Art Deco Jewels 1
These are from my own case and this is the type of jewelry Gertrude might have owned and worn. Even though my pieces are costume, they are exact copies of fine jewelry. (I just love Gertrude...she's adorable but formidable). She would have been an older woman during this period in time, and not a "jazz age flapper", so we chose jewelry that would have been the appropriate style and type for her.

#27-Knoll & Pregizer Sterling Paste Sautoir-Germany
#16-17 KTF/Trifari Sautoir & Earrings
#28-Unsigned deco bracelet
#19 Signed SCP for "Ciro Pearls" faux pearl, sterling and paste bracelet England c.1930.
#15 Signed Mazer brooch and unsigned pearl earrings-- probably unsigned Mazer since I bought the set together and the pearls match.
#7 Sterling and paste dress clips
#9 Sterling and Paste faux sapphire earrings made in France
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