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Knoll & Pregizer Goldsiegel Sterling Paste Watch
Beautiful Goldsiegel (Gold Seal)sterling and paste watch. Sterling expandable band set with pastes that have darkened or slightly yellowed and two safety catches.It looks like there is an extra extender link.  This has a loop for a safety chain which is now gone. Black enamel face. Silver numerals and hash marks for the minutes. There is no brand name on the front of the watch. The square face has beautiful engraving around the perimeter of the watch case.

Goldsiegel (Gold Seal) watches are a trademark of Knoll & Pregizer and were registered July 23, 1938. Although the numerical marking would suggest an earlier date,by the styling and the patented face it is from the 1950s.  It is possible the numerical markings were different for Goldsiegel and Lotos brands.
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