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Knoll & Pregizer KP Germany Deco Close
This is a closeup of the most unusual of the marks on the necklace. It is the initials EG on either side of the Jewish star. Someone once floated the idea that the jeweler, because he was Jewish and working in Germany during the 1930s, had to include that in his stamp, the same way he probably would have had to wear a Jewish star around the sleeve on his arm. But I don't know if this is necessarily true, as I have found during more research there were German jewelers working much earlier who also have stars of David in their marks, so for now this will have to remain a mystery.
Several KP pieces I own have other jeweler or sponsors marks, and they are usually the ones for export. The fact that this piece is marked both 935 (European sterling fineness mark) and STERLING GERMANY means this could be exported to any European country or the US/Canada or other countries which would have required the STERLING mark for fineness and GERMANY for country of origin.
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