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Birks Dingwall mark
This is the mark for Birks Dingwall that I found in a 1940 ad.  It matches the Birks in script on the back of my little tree brooch and the only Birks  script mark found so far on KP jewelry. I believe my tree is certainly before 1940. Nothing was being exported out of Germany past 1939 due to the war.

Per the fantastic sleuthing of my dear friend Meg Andrews below, she has confirmed D. R. Dingwall was taken over by Henry Birks & Sons in 1933 and renamed Birks-Dingwall.

I also found in the Winnepeg Free Press dated 10-17-1935 the obituary for D.W. Dingwall (His father was D.R.Dingwall the original founder). "Two years ago it merged with Henry Birks and sons, being the President of Birks-Dingwall Ltd. at the time of his death". This confirms the 1933 merger date of the two companies.
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