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Birks Knoll & Pregizer KP Sterling Paste Tree Back
Marked Birks in script possibly for Birks-Dingwall. There is some conflict between dating and usage of the Birks signature in script and the one in CAPS. Henry Birk & Sons absorbed many companies over the years in Canada, and they used different fonts in their ads and catalogues (sometimes even during the same year) strikings on jewelry, and also depending on whether something was an article of jewelry or for their silverware and hollowware. 1933 is when Birks-Dingwall merged.The style and the scale of the jewelry says to me earlier as does the non-rhodium plating, but I will leave Birks-Dingwall as the connection until I find out otherwise.

Please remember that UNLESS these signed Birks pieces are ALSO marked with the KP trademark then they were NOT made by Knoll & Pregizer. I have KP jewelry with both script and CAPS marks.

There were many German suppliers making jewelry for Birk's. Knoll & Pregizer was one of many.
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