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Asprey 1937 Knoll & Pregizer Ladies Wristwatch
My newest addition to The Robin Deutsch Collection. A breathtaking 935 sterling and paste hidden flip-top watch made in Germany by Knoll & Pregizer for Asprey, the famous fine London jewelers, that were gorgeous imitations of platinum and diamond watches for sale in their store in London during the 1930s. Please see the previous ad. This is marked with the import mark for London outside and inside the case, 925 (the English standard even though the back says 935 which is what it is really made of) the letter code for 1937. and A.& Co. Ltd (for Asprey & Co. Ltd.). (This means it was assayed both in Germany where it was manufactured, and re-assayed in London)

Thank you to Jeff McCormick who is a wonderful jeweler whom I bought this breathtaking piece from, and to my dear friend Meg Andrews who surprised me for Xmas with the Asprey case that is authentic to the period for it. I'm in ASPREY-heaven!! The only way to know this watch was made by Knoll & Pregizer is the KP trademark on the back of the watch.
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