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Robin Deutsch KP Knoll Pregizer Lotos Watch Ad 1973
This ad is from a 1973 Swiss Horology magazine that was written in French with two of their LOTOS brand watches and a Knoll & Pregizer brooch. It translates (loosely) as:

Knoll & Pregizer a tradition for more than a century. Manufacturer of boxed ladies watches, bracelets, gold watches, silver and metal as well as precious jewelry.

Description of the items shown:

Ladies watch bracelet silver dial with fine stones. (This refers to the malachite dial. I honestly do not know if the white stones are diamonds, but this is done very much in the style of Piaget)

"Esclave" (bangle/cuff) watch in white gold with brilliants and colors. Citrine (glass?)watch crystal.

White gold brooch with white brilliants and colors.

Knoll & Pregizer did produce fine jewelry starting in the 1960s as the fashion for imitation jewelry was waning. I have found many examples of their pieces in 9ct-14K-18K gold as well as gemstones such as jade and amethysts and small diamond accents. Theodor Fahrner also manufactured fine jewelry towards the end years of their business as well.
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