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Izzy Grace
Adorable 8-lb. Izzy Grace is approximately 10 years old. Until recently her entire life had been lived in a puppy mill.  Help Izzy Grace live her next 10 years knowing safety, security, and most of all love.

For more info or to apply to adopt, please go to
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Izzy Grace lived nearly all of her 10 years in a puppy mill.

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She's just now learning how dogs are supposed to be treated...

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And that all people are not mean.

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She will need you to give her time to adjust.

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It took Izzy a month before she allowed anyone to touch her.

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She finally felt secure enough to allow her foster mom to hold her.

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She just wants to have a chance at the life she should have had all along.

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We fell in love @ first of Izzy Grace.
Our family were like the opportunity to share our love w/ her by receiving more information about her & possible adoption of her into our family.
Our beloved rat terrier of 19 years recently passed.
Thank you,
The Weaver Family
BrenWeaver, Thu, 9 Aug 2018 5:38PM
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