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Mature and Senior Ratties
These albums feature our available dogs aged 7 years and up. Click on any picture to see the dog's whole album and get more details. Thanks for considering an older rattie. To apply to adopt, click here to go to the New Rattitude website.
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1. Betsy  (Richmond, VA)
Betsy is an 8 year old former breeding dog who only recently began to learn what it means to be a beloved family member.  She is quite shy and will need a patient family to help her continue to learn how wonderful it is to be a family pet. For more info or to apply to adopt, please go
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2. Yates  (Atlanta, Georgia)
Yates is a spunky 10-year old who recently had to have both eyes removed due to severe glaucoma, lens luxation, and other corneal problems. He is now learning to get around with zero vision and he is making wonderful progress. See more photos of him and read about his story in his personal photo album HERE.
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3. Tracy  (LA)
Tracy is an 8-9 year old female rattie with a degenerative vision issue. While her sight is declining, her ability to function as a normal dog is great.  
For more info or to apply to adopt, please go to
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Izzy Grace
4. Izzy Grace  (Fayetteville, NC)
Adorable 8-lb. Izzy Grace is approximately 10 years old. Until recently her entire life had been lived in a puppy mill.  Help Izzy Grace live her next 10 years knowing safety, security, and most of all love.

For more info or to apply to adopt, please go to
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5. Zhorbit  (DeWitt, MI)
Zhorbit is a 7 year old, 15 lb female purebred rat terrier with beautiful chocolate tuxedo coloring.  For more information, email her foster mom.   

For more info or to apply to adopt, please go to
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