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Dooley is a sweet, loving guy who lives his life with a sunny attitude and a pep in his step. Come inside his album to learn about about this great boy!

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Hi! My name is Dooley and I am a most amazing dog and companion. Stay tuned and read about all my awesomeness.

Enlarge photo 2
First of all, here are my stats: I am 9.5 years young and weigh 17.5 pounds. Alas, I am a bit portly, so I am on a forced weight reduction program to get me down to my ideal weight of approx. 15 pounds. I'm not too happy about what I consider a starvation program, but it is helping me become lighter, so I guess it'll be worth it.

Enlarge photo 3
Even though I have years under my belt, I am by no means a senior; hey, I'm at my prime! I love to run around outside, and occasionally throw caution to the wind and speed around in a celebration-of-life rat run.

Enlarge photo 4
My foster mom says I have a good nose which never misses a scent. I love to sleuth around and explore my surrounds thoroughly.

Enlarge photo 5
I get along well with all dogs I've met while being in rescue. I live with three other ratties and live harmoniously with them, even the little ankle-biter that has shown me her teeth and disdain many times. When she shows her attitude I just turn and walk away.

Enlarge photo 6
Here's the little ankle-biter herself. See, I'm so accommodating...letting her stand against my back without a grumble or complaint.

Enlarge photo 7
I am marvelously crate trained and go into it readily when told to. I even go into it on my own during the day for a good snooze.

Enlarge photo 8
I love people! I love for them to pet me, rub me, talk to me,...did I say pet me? My theory is that there is no such thing as too much petting and will stand still for however long  someone is petting me. I wish they'd put it to the test to see if I could stand for hours at a time. Ahhhh!

Enlarge photo 9
People are the best thing since sliced white bread! (which is not part of my weight-loss program, ahem!) I give full attention with eye contact when a person talks to me. And kisses - they are nice too!

Enlarge photo 10
I am very food motivated (did I mention that they have me on a starvation program?) and being so motivated, I love it when the treats come out! I am proving to be a quick learner. I have an excellent 'sit' and know I have to lower my rear before treats will even come into sight.

Enlarge photo 11
Here is another behavior I've learned - shake. Every man should know how to shake hands, don't you think?

Enlarge photo 12
Look at my perfect 'down' and 'focus'.

I'm also working on perfecting 'wait'. It seems that as soon as I learn a new behavior, another one is added to my repertoire. I don't mind a bit since it means more treats for me!

Enlarge photo 13
While I do love being outside for a good romp, I like being inside with my person better.

Enlarge photo 14
Me and my shadow...aren't we a handsome pair?

Enlarge photo 15
I have excellent house manners - I am housetrained and don't do things that are considered unacceptable.

Enlarge photo 16
I lived in a home where I grew up with a little boy, so I know how to get along with young two-legged creatures.

Enlarge photo 17
Green grass, warm sunshine...what better thing for a dog to do but roll around in the grass?

Enlarge photo 18
Yep, that's a smile.

Enlarge photo 19
What a handsome profile, don't you think?

Enlarge photo 20
Dreaming of my new forever family...

Enlarge photo 21
If you are looking for a sweet dog who loves to snuggle, I may be the guy for you. Looking for a well-mannered, calm steadfast companion? Look no further! Do you desire a dog who comes no-assembly-required, who is ready straight out of the box for his new family? Then you might want to consider adding my awesomeness to your home!

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What a happy and handsome guy. And a very lucky one to be fostered by the Collins'. Love the descriptions....Jo Jo was the same age when I adopted him and what a treasure he was....all due to being a "graduate" of the Collins' loving foster home.
Kathy Rose, Wed, 8 Mar 2017 3:52PM
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