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Nevada Rain Munchkin & Manx
    Nevada Rain Munchkin & Manx has had manx cats for over 30 years. We reside on a big ranch in northern Nevada, up near the Oregon border, northwest of Winnemucca, NV. All but two of our queens are long-tailed, long-legged cats which cross very well with our manx gentlecat. In 2016, we added our first munchkin queen to our home. Scooter is my oldest daughter's cat and we don't know how we could possibly live without her now. Our pride and joy is the king of the ranch, Gurt. Gurt is our handsome ginger manx gentleman. He rules the roost and has the coolest personality of any cat I've ever owned. He is mellow, sweet, and playful when he's not napping in strange positions or snuggling with the kids. We adore our cats and they are a part of our ranch family. They all hunt and enjoy a wonderful life of a real cat in and out of the house. The only cat that is in the house 100% of the time is Scooter, our munchkin.

    Our kittens are raised around kids, adults, dogs, and farm animals. They receive their first shots, come with health documents/shot record, as well as a written health guarantee. Our cats are healthy and have never had any sort of health issues. We guarantee the health of our kittens for ONE year unless you keep your kitten on Life's Abundance cat food through our website and then we extend the health guarantee to FIVE years. Our kittens are raised on Life's Abundance food and will have no other kind of dry cat food. We are so sure of our cat food that we want you to keep your Nevada Rain Cat eating it for life. We know that he/she will lead a healthy, happy life at the optimum weight if kept on this food. We also receive emails each time you order, so we can keep a record of this easily, without bugging you.

If you are interested in reserving a kitten in one of our future litters, please contact me today.
cell- (775)  217-1820
email- nevada.rain.munchkin.n.manx@gmail.com

This is a list of our prices:

*Munchkin Manx kitten (short legs and tail)- $1200
*Munchkin- $900
*Manx- $300
All other kittens- $200

A deposit of half of the kitten price is necessary to reserve a kitten. Deposits on unborn litters for your choice of a kitten is $200.

I am currently in the process of building this website, so please visit again soon to see our other queens as I add them. We are also VERY excited to announce a new Tom for 2018.

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Manxkin Litter- Available Kittens
1. Manxkin Litter- Available Kittens  (December 24, 2017)
This litter arrived on Christmas Eve 2017! This is Scooter and Gurt's second litter. Gurt is our manx tom and Scooter is our munchkin queen. Their first litter was adorable and produced our manxkin Elvis. Check out his page for some pictures.
This litter produced one black and white manxkin male, one calico standard munchkin female, two calico manx non-standard munchkin females, and two calico non-standard munchkin and non-manx females. Both standard munchkin kittens are reserved as well as one non-standard munchkin. We will update the site as choices are made on these kittens.

Available kittens-
*****Candy Cane (CC) is a non-standard munchkin manx tortie female with the sweetest disposition. She's cuddly and bold.

*****Doodle is a non-standard munchkin Manx gray/ginger/white calico female.

*****Milky Way is a non-standard munchkin, long tailed calico female.

These kittens will go to their approved homes at 10 weeks of age with current vaccinations and deworming.
Munchkins are $900
Manxkins are $1200
Manx are $300
Non-standard munchkins & not manx tails- $200

We are currently taking deposits:
1. First choice goes to NikkiLynn and Scott. They'd love to add a munchkin to their home. They've chosen our manxkin man, Gully, to add to their home.
2. Second and third choices go to Kathy. She's chose Twix, our calico munchkin and Tootsie, our calico non-standard munchkin
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Munchkin Manx Breeding Plans
2. Munchkin Manx Breeding Plans  (Spring 2018)
We are just beside ourselves excited about 2018! Elvis, our munchkin manx (manxkin) up and coming tom, will be fathering his first litters.  

We are not currently taking deposits on kittens, but we will once we have an expected litter. If you would like to reserve a kitten from a 2018 litter, please email Lacey at nevada.rain.munchkin.n.manx@gmail.com or give me a call or text today, 775-217-1820.

Kittens will come with a health guarantee and will have their first shots.

We recommend that your kitten is kept on Life's Abundance food. If you plan to get one of our kittens, please order cat food from this website prior to your kitten joining your household.

Photos below are Scooter and Gurt's past litter.
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Upcoming Manxkin Tom- Elvis
3. Upcoming Manxkin Tom- Elvis  (July 10, 2017)
We are ecstatic to announce our upcoming Tom, Elvis. He is a standard munchkin manx out of Gurt and Scooter. He is black with white feet and a white chest. He has frosted ears and white whiskers too! We are excited to start getting some kittens out of Elvis in 2018, so please keep an eye on this album to watch him grow with us.
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Upcoming Queen Jubilee
4. Upcoming Queen Jubilee  (February 1, 2018)
Jubilee is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen. She is my first choice out of our spring litters. She is a beautiful calico lady. Her looks are not even half of what makes her wonderful. She is just a magnet!! You can't help but love her hilarious, playful, and human-like personality. She has short, amazingly soft hair too. Once you've loved on her, you just have to love on her every single time you see her.

We are excited to add Jubilee to our family and keep her on the ranch. I will add pictures of her as she grows.

We are the most excited to see the kittens that Elvis and Jube produce. They should have kittens in the spring of 2018. Elvis and Jubilee are the best of friends and will have unique kittens.
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5. Macy  (February 8, 2018)
Macy is a gorgeous long-haired tortoise shell. She is a very sweet and gentle cat that doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She is shy, but loving and enjoys being on your lap.

We look forward to seeing the kittens Elvis and Macy produce. Please check back soon to see if we expect their kittens in the near future.
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6. Ziggy  (February 8, 2018)
Ziggy is just stunningly beautiful. She might be our biggest queen on the ranch and maybe the most worthy of being call the QUEEN. She's always weaving around our feet or pouncing on something. She is black and ginger calico and OH SO PRETTY.

We are really hoping for kittens out of Ziggy and Elvis this spring. If you'd like to know if they are expecting, email Lacey.
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7. Vivianna  (February 8, 2018)
Vivianna is our beautiful ginger angel. She is playful and bright and is always good for a laugh. She gets along great with other cats and is a good hunter. She prefers to be outside, but loves to snuggle up on the couch with the kids.

We plan to have kittens out of Vivian and Elvis in the spring or summer of 2018. IF you'd like to know more about their planned litter, please email Lacey at nevadarainmunchkinnmanx@gmail.com
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Our Munchkin Queen: Scooter
8. Our Munchkin Queen: Scooter  (March 10, 2017)
Scooter is currently our one and only munchkin. She is my daughter's cat and has become an irreplaceable part of the family. Scooter is a Persian munchkin with beautiful blue eyes. She has medium length hair and seal tips with white tips on her toes. She is beautiful!!

Scooter's personality is very unique. She isn't a social butterfly who comes out and rubs on the legs of strangers. She is very social within our family and loves to play with and cuddle with those in our family. If we have a visitor, she typically stays out of sight unless they are a regular visitor and then she comes to say "HI". Scooter loves our collies and even cuddles with them and attacks their tails when they stroll by. She sits on her hind end and looks out the window or "visits" with the canaries. She is smart and sweet and learns tricks very easily for Life's Abundance cat treats.
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9. Luci  (April 2, 2017)
Luci is one of our favorite queens. She is a beautiful, part siamese lady who adores the kids. She loves cuddling with the kids in the house and is a very loving, gentle cat. I am very excited to see what her and Elvis' kittens look like. They should be very sweet and beautiful. They should also have wonderful personalities and perfect health, like both of their parents.

We plan to cross Elvis and Luci in the spring of 2018. This litter should have munchkin, manxkin, and Manx only kittens.

To reserve a kitten out of this litter, please contact Lacey to see if Luci is expecting at nevada.rain.munchkin.n.manx@gmail.com.
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10. Bean  (February 1, 2018)
Bean is a long-haired solid tortoise shell tabby sweetheart. She is a great grand daughter of my adored manx mama cat, Marty. Bean is comical, lazy, and loving.

She and Elvis should have medium- to long-haired munchkin and/or manx kittens. We are excited for the delightful personalities of Bean and Elvis' kittens. We foresee Bean and Elvis to have kittens in the spring or early summer of 2018.
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11. Dolly  (April 2, 2017)
Dolly is such a doll! She is very playful and loving. She is very smart and has beautiful black and white markings. She gets along great with all of the other cats and should have some beautifully marked black and white or solid black kittens out of Elvis, our manxkin tom in the spring or summer of 2018.

To reserve a kitten out of this litter, please contact Lacey to see if Dolly is expecting kittens, at nevada.rain.munchkin.n.manx@gmail.com.
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12. Blacky  (March 19, 2017)
Blacky is our perfect Halloween cat. She is a British short-hair queen. She is my daughter's cat. She is a wonderful mouser and prefers to spend most of her time outside. She is a small cat, but some of her kittens have grown to be quite large.

Blacky should have kittens out of Elvis in the spring of 2018. Please contact me today to reserve a kitten from this litter.
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Our Manx Tom: Gurt
13. Our Manx Tom: Gurt  (March 10, 2017)
Our pride and joy is the king of the ranch, Gurt. Gurt is our handsome ginger manx gentleman. He rules the roost and has the coolest personality of any cat I've ever owned. He is mellow, sweet, and playful when he's not napping in strange positions or snuggling with the kids.

Gurt is a long-haired ginger tabby manx. He is very smart and very gentle with our kids. Be loves his belly and chin scratched and even loves to be brushed. He is an indoor/outdoor cat and sits next to the door and meows whenever he wants outside. He has the loudest, roughest purr ever!! He is comical to have around and no matter what he is doing, he's making us laugh.
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14. Thinking of Purchasing a NV Rain Kitten?  (December 28, 2017)
Nevada Rain prides itself on finding loving homes for each and every kitten we raise. Although we do not have a formal application prior to purchasing kittens, I will ask you some questions when I get serious inquiries about kittens. I love to speak, email, or text with you and share in your excitement of adding a new member to your family.
    We recommend that you research each breed of cat prior to purchasing a kitten from any breeder. We go the extra mile to ensure that our kittens are healthy. We also guarentee your Nevada Rain cat for five years IF your cat is kept on Life's Abundance food ordered through our website for the duration of your ownership of the cat. We feed our cats and kittens Life's Abundance food, treats, and supplements and we know it keeps cats at the optimum weight, as well as healthy and playful. They will literally do flips for the treats too!

How do I begin to purchase a Nevada Rain kitten?
Email nevadarainmunchkinnmanx@gmail.com or call or text Lacey at (775) 217-1820 to inquire about availability.

Placing a deposit: To reserve a kitten in an unborn litter, you will send a $200 non-refundable deposit. If our litter does not produce what you're looking for, we will roll your deposit to the next litter.

Once the kittens are born and you've chosen your kitten, you will send enough to pay half of the total purchase price. For example, if you've chosen a manxkin with a total price of $1200, and you've already put a $200 deposit down, you will send $400, so you've now paid $600 or half of $1200. The remaining half is due in cash when you meet me to get your kitten. If I fly your kitten to you, then you must pay the whole amount plus shipping before your kitten gets on the flight.
Manxkins (both manx and standard munchkin)- $1200
Standard (short-legged) munchkin- $900
Manx and non-standard munchkin manx- $300
All other kittens- $200

Costs if I travel past Winnemucca, NV to meet you for pickup:
Reno and Boise- $200
Ely, NV- $300
If these locations don't help you, inquire about another location.

Before you get your kitten, you should order a bag of Life's Abundance cat food. I will send a sample of food and/or treats with your kitten. You will also receive a written health guarantee, medication record, and helpful advice to raise a happy, healthy kitten.
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