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Nevada Rain Munchkin & Manx
    We have ONE munchkin/manx kitten still available. His name is Rollie and you can find him in the Elvis/Jubilee litter page or on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/nevadarainmunchkinnmanx/

    We've got standard munchkins and manxkins, manx, and non-standard munchkin, non-manx kittens available. If you'd like to know what we have, please email me at nvraincats@gmail.com or text or call, Lacey at 775-217-1820.

    Nevada Rain Munchkin & Manx has had manx cats for over 30 years. We reside on a big ranch in northern Nevada, up near the Oregon border, northwest of Winnemucca, NV. All but two of our queens are long-tailed, long-legged cats. We added our first munchkin queen to our home a few years ago. Scooter is my oldest daughter's cat and we don't know how we could possibly live without her now.

Our pride and joy is the tom of the ranch, Elvis. Elvis is our handsome black and white tuxedo manxkin gentleman. He rules the roost and has the coolest personality of any cat I've ever owned. He is mellow, sweet, and playful when he's not napping in strange positions or snuggling with the kids. We adore our cats and they are a part of our ranch family. They all hunt and enjoy a wonderful life of a real cat in and out of the house. The only cats that is in the house 100% of the time are Scooter and Elvis, our munchkins.

    Our kittens are raised around kids, adults, and dogs. They receive their first shots, come with health documents/shot record, as well as a written health guarantee. Our cats are healthy and have never had any sort of health issues. We guarantee the health of our kittens for ONE year unless you keep your kitten on Life's Abundance cat food ordered through this website and then we extend the health guarantee to FIVE years. Our kittens are raised on Life's Abundance food and will have no other kind of dry cat food. We are so sure of our cat food that we want you to keep your Nevada Rain Cat eating it for life. We know that he/she will lead a healthy, happy life at the optimum weight if kept on this food. We also receive emails each time you order, so we can keep a record of this easily, without bugging you.

If you are interested in reserving a kitten in one of our future litters, please contact me today.
cell- (775)  217-1820
email- nvraincats@gmail.com

A deposit of half of the kitten price is necessary to reserve a kitten. Deposits on unborn litters for your choice of a kitten is $200 for munchkins and $100 for manx or non-standard munchkins.

All kittens will be spayed or neutered before they are placed in their forever homes. If you are interested in a breeder, feel free to inquire.

I am currently in the process of building this website, so please visit again soon to see our other queens as I add them. We are also VERY excited to announce a new tom for 2018. ELVIS!!! He has litters on the way now! Place a deposit today to reserve one of his manxkin or munchkin kittens!!
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