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Top of Knuckle ready for top bearing retainer/steering arm to be fastened.  Install and follow torque sequence shown in Dodge Shop Manual.  This step is critical as you are setting the pre load on the upper and lower bearings or top bronze cone bushing and lower bearing.  The hub must be free running, no felt seals, no axles, and tie rod disconnected.  The Spec for Bushing/Bearing is in the Dodge Shop Manual.  There is no  Spec for Bearing/Bearing.  Pre Load must be tight enough to eliminate all chances of play, yet not over load the bearing.  The bearings turn o much more freely, you would have to use a Inch Pound Torque wrench to measure the torque while swinging the knuckle.  Experience will tell you when your tight enough.  This is not a Approved Dodge Modification, thus no published torque spec.  Without question all bearings have a pre load spec, and that spec can be looked up.  But we have no way established to measure that pre load spec.  It would take a complete lab set up to measure that pre load spec and then develop a procedure for field use.  Thus, tight, but not to tight, experience will tell you when tight enough.
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