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PUT ON YOUR SAFETY GLASSES or GOGGLES.  This job requires striking a Punch with a hammer, and othr evolutions that can cause flying pieces.  Also lay out two large containers.  One container is for all the parts you take off.  The other container is for old seals, bearings bushings etc.  When your finished your Parts Container MUST be Empty.  Then you know you have not omitted anything.

The Knuckle is in 2 half’s and are not interchangeable side to side.  So as not to get parts mixed, do one side at a time.  Knuckle is stripped, Spindle removed, axle (inner/outer/universal drive joint) removed, Tie Rod End dropped from Knuckle.  I used a Flat end drift punch to drive out Dowel Pin on each side of knuckle before loosening the 4 bolts that hold the knuckle together.  I hold the Punch with Vise Grips to save the fingers...don’t ask how I know to do this.
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