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Mohair Albums

Raw ( unwashed mohair)
Washed mohair
Dyed mohair
Mohair weft

Date(s): March 1, 2004. 1 - 10 of 10 Total. Shared
1. clearence lots  
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white weft
2. white weft  (May 28, 2003)
white mohair  weft
ready to dye                   ( 7-17-06 )
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dyed hair colors
3. dyed hair colors  (May 28, 2003)
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washed locks
4. washed locks  (May 28, 2003)

washed mohair locks

these are washed and sorted into bundles of 1/2 oz each .
cost, 4-6" 6.00 per oz ,   6-8" 8.00 per oz They are also called pulled curls as the loose , short or tangled fibers have already been pulled or brushed from the ends. so there is less waste . these are ready to soak and dye, or comb out for your Santa's .While these were washed the fibers are washed in 8-16 oz lots and I always recommend a rewash before dying . These are from uncoated goats and there may be some VM present, most falls out during the combing. this album has the lots that are ready to ship . If you do not see what you want it may not have been sorted yet please ask.
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5. weft  (updated 1-07-05)

Reference photos wefted mohair for doll wigs - items on the page are no longer available  web shop is at shop.mohairwig.com

I have started moving all the available weft to the shop.mohairwig.com catalog  please look there for curent stock

 Click here to see what weft is available from shop.mohairwig.com  

please shop from the web store as there are buy now buttons and it automatically only shows what is ready
This album is for reference  please see the catalog to see what is currently posted as most of these have sold  .

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Raw Mohair
6. Raw Mohair  (January 20, 2003)
Unwashed mohair for sale
The raw mohair is now being moved into the shopping cart this way you only see what is still in stock and it is updated as each sale happens

 Click here to see what is available from shop.mohairwig.com  

 click here to go straight to the raw mohair section from shop.mohairwig.com  

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washed mohair
7. washed mohair   (July 12, 2003)
Available lots of washed mohair
in the proccess of updating
washed lots with an ad # are available for purchase
If there is no Ad # it may be out of stock .
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curly kid fantasy
8. curly kid fantasy   (March 1 2004)

fantasy color curly kid mohair

Wonderful tight curls of mohair to mix and match for fairies silky soft,  due to the tight curls these wil have lighter spots as the curls are combed open giving a slight shaded effect
Bulk  6.00 per oz
Bulk means the curls are as they come from the drying rack and are not lined up in bunches

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9. combed  (May 28, 2003)
Mohair combed and ready to go in 10 gm Lots ( Just a bit over 1/3 0z )
this allows the small doll artists, and reborn artists  to order smaller amounts of more colors . This album has hair colors and fanasy colors . There is no waste so 10 gm will go much further than twice as much  bulk mohair would
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bulk yearling
10. bulk yearling  (updated  3-17-05)

This lot is mill processed so there are more short bits and some Vegetable matter missed by the picking machines So it is priced below the hand processed mohair it is available from the web store or ebay links below
ebay store yearling / adult mohair bulk 2.59 oz ( mothproofed colors are 2.79 oz)
mohair in the web store 2.25 oz ( mothproofed colors 2.45 oz)

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