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The Twelve Bars of Christmas
Every Christmas a group of friends get together and bar hop around NYC, hitting 12 bars in 8 hours.  That's a good enough reason for Elana and I to fly cross-country for the weekend!  And, we took in some other sites while we were on the "right" coast.
Date(s): December 2-5, 2005. Album by Michael Bang. Photos by Michael Bang. 1 - 24 of 30 Total. 878 Visits.
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Why are you in ANYONE's friends list??? ;)
Test Monkey, Thu, 23 Feb 2006 11:29AM
why aren't I in your friends list?

and send Tom his picture of the Car Bombs!
billt3, Thu, 23 Feb 2006 12:25PM
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Enlarge photo 1
Dinner at The Bigelows
To start the weekend, headed over to Perry and Val's to have some dinner and shoot pool.  Here's a shot of Perry...scratching.

Enlarge photo 2
Pool at Perry's
Scott and Jan.  I guess this would be the closest (this weekend) that I would see Jan drinking...

Enlarge photo 3
Laura and Val
Waiting for the Chinese food...

Enlarge photo 4
Rockfeller Center
We headed in early to NYC to take in some sites before Bar Golf.  And we took some photos in case we didn't remember why our fingers froze off BEFORE Bar Golf.

Enlarge photo 5
Times Square
No time for a Broadway play, but we did buy the token "I LOVE NY" t-shirt.  Actually, we bought FIVE of them...

Enlarge photo 6
Alot more security around the Stock Exchange than I remember years ago.

Enlarge photo 7
Bar1-Jimmy's Bait Shack
4:00pm.  Wings were 35 cents, so that ended up being dinner.  What's that hole in the middle of the table???

Enlarge photo 8
Wings for Dinner
Ahh, that's Melody in the middle!

Enlarge photo 9
Swamp Water
Drinking swamp water has become a Bar Golf ritual (And there's Elana taking her first - but definitely not last - drink of the night).  Too bad they gave them to us 5 minutes before the whistle.  Chug, chug, chug!

Enlarge photo 10
Swamp Water 2
And we keep going and going...

Enlarge photo 11
Bar 2 - Coogan's Parrot Bay
Not much of a crowd, but plenty of fun for everyone!  Here's Elana, Tom, Melody and Steve.

Enlarge photo 12
Bar 3 - The Big Easy
Banger, being declared the first "Target" picked Scott as his "partner".  And Bill made sure we did our required drinking.  Man, those "Get out of jail free" cards didn't last long!

Enlarge photo 13
Bar 3 - Scott and Mike
And the shots continue, thanks for Bill!

Enlarge photo 14
Bar 4 - American Spirits
Look at all those Car Bombs (and let's not forget that suspicious character at the end...) on the bar!

Enlarge photo 15
Laura's love for dogs
Laura's FINALLY getting over her drinking problem, by hiding under tables during Bar Golf.

Enlarge photo 16
Mike and Elana
Still as Bar 4.  Anything to stay out of the cold.

Enlarge photo 17
Bar 5 - Marty O'Briens
Our second set of targets, Sam and Tom, took the stage.  But I thought targets were supposed to AVOID getting hammered?

Enlarge photo 18
Bar 6 - Tavern on First
Looks like we interrupted a kids' tree decorating event...with plenty of food still left out.  Mmmm.

Enlarge photo 19
Bar 7 - Brady's Bar
With Bar 7, the third and final set of "targets" was ready for their turn.  Hi Debbie!

Enlarge photo 20
Bar 8 - Ship of Fools
Scott, Rich, Laura and Mike, working their way through the bars...

Enlarge photo 21
Bar 9 - Mad River Bar and Grille
The fun kept going, as the alcohol started taking effect.

Enlarge photo 22
Bar 9
Scott, Dave, MaryLou, Steve and Debbie.

Enlarge photo 23
Bar 10 - Doc Watson's
As the night wore on, Sam became alot more friendly, asking anyone (and everyone) to buy him a shot.  Apparently he tripped 5 times going to the bathroom.

Enlarge photo 24
Bar 11 - American Trash
Not sure if the name had anything to do with the stench inside.  Mike finally got around to buying Steve his first shot as a target...four bars late!

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