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Mountain Biking in Tahoe
Well, it's been a while since I really "roughed" it out on the mountain biking trails.  So, this time, I wasn't about to miss out hitting the hills with the same group from the Moab 2002 trip.  Ride on!
Date(s): July 2006. Album by Michael Bang. Photos by Michael Bang. 1 - 10 of 10 Total. 24 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
The Gang
It's the whole crew taking a break during one of the rides.

Enlarge photo 2
Single Track
Every stop for a photo op was actually a rest break, in disguise.

Enlarge photo 3
Group Shot
Just resting our legs...

Enlarge photo 4
Goofing Around
Tony, Joe, Rob, Cooch and Cheech

Enlarge photo 5
Group at Top
Nothing like riding to the top of a ski lift.  There's still snow up there!

Enlarge photo 6
Playing in the snow
The guys, being goofballs.

Enlarge photo 7
The view
I'm not sure what lake this is, but it gives you an idea of how high we rode.

Enlarge photo 8
I'm too tired to unclip...

Enlarge photo 9
Dinner in Tahoe
Pizza never tasted sooooo good.

Enlarge photo 10
Rest Stop
Should we continue to climb, or start our descent?  You guessed wrong.

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