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MicroRatz Toy Rat Terriers

"Put a LITTLE Rat Terrier in your life!"


We are Arizona breeders that specialize in the true Toy sized Rat Terriers.
Our puppies will average 5 to 7 pounds grown, occasionally slightly smaller or larger.
We breed all colors in both traditional and merle coat patterns.

We are a very small hobby breeder with only a few dogs
that live inside our home and are family pets.
Our little females only have 1 to 3 puppies per litter,
so we will have only a handful of high quality puppies each year for approved homes.

We strive to breed dogs that are healthy in both body and mind
and have correct breed type & temperament.

It is proven FACT that hobby bred, properly socialized puppies,
raised inside a home, in a family environment,
will grow up to be the best dog for YOUR family!

All of our dogs are genetically clear of the eye disease PLL (Primary Lens Luxation),
making all puppies born here PLL Clear By Parentage.

These delightful little dogs are intelligent, playful, & loving.
They are alert watchdogs and loyal to home and family.
They retain the instinct to hunt small rodents.
They are easy to train, their short sleek coats require little grooming,
and they are a healthy, hardy breed with a long life span.

If you would like more information about our dogs:

Click here to e-mail us at: info@microratz.com

We are also happy to speak with you on the phone, number will be given on request.

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