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Olympia Regional 2014

Photos taken by McBruce (and possibly others) at the 2014 Capital City Regional Bridge Tournament in Olympia WA. These are the cropped versions that appeared in the Daily Bulletin. It may be later in the week before I can find time to upload these, with 60 board sets and 6 Daily Bulletins to produce.

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Online Results from Bridge Results

Bridge Results shows hand records, double dummy tricks, results listed in order of N-S score, for each hand. You will find all sorts of other neat features as you discover the site. For example, to get your results in a popup window, click the number to the left of your name in the list of pairs. If you sign up for a free Bridge Results membership, Bridge Results will send you an e-mail whenever new material involving you is posted!

District 19 Web Page

Date(s): October 13-19, 2014. Album by Bruce McIntyre. Photos by Bruce McIntyre. 1 - 16 of 16 Total. 0 Visits.
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