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2012 Puget Sound Regional
Photos taken at the 2012 Puget Sound Regional


Puget Sound Regional Page at d19.org

Tournament Results Page at bridgeresults.net
(Results for each day posted by 12:30am that night)

Daily Bulletin #1 — Wednesday
(posted by 7am Wednesday morning)

Daily Bulletin #2 — Thursday
(posted by 7am Thursday morning)

Daily Bulletin #3 — Friday
(posted by 7am Friday morning)

Daily Bulletin #4 — Saturday
(posted by 7am Saturday morning)

Daily Bulletin #5 — Sunday
(posted by 7am Sunday morning)

Wrapup Daily Bulletin
(posted by 11:59pm Sunday Evening)
Date(s): August 20-26, 2012. Album by Bruce McIntyre. Photos by Bruce McIntyre. 1 - 21 of 21 Total. 0 Visits.
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