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Winchester Model 94AE 45 Colt
1. Winchester Model 94AE 45 Colt  (January 16, 2018)
Like new, looks unfired or at least un used.
Handiest little big bore carbine I've ever picked up.
Picked it up and fell in love.
Full sized stock etc, but slim action and forearm and a 16" barrel.
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Waiting for Big Foot
2. Waiting for Big Foot  (October 12, 2017)
Easy to figure that buzzards, coyotes, crows, other hogs, and insects will pick the bones clean on a dead hog in less than a week in warm weather...... a little longer in cold weather.

But what comes along and eats the entire skeleton?

In hopes of finding an answer, I placed a game camera at the site of a recently killed large boar hog to monitor the visitors.

Maybe it's Big Foot.
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Marlin 336 30-30
3. Marlin 336 30-30  (August 26, 2017)
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Glenfield Model 30 30-30 Winchester
4. Glenfield Model 30 30-30 Winchester  (August 26, 2017)
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WDRA V Cheyenne, WY
5. WDRA V Cheyenne, WY  (August 18-20th, 2017)
Another successful Wyoming Dinger Ringer Association event. Thanks to everyone that came and made it a great weekend. Special thanks to Steve and Kathy for sharing their little piece of Wyoming.
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Marlin 1893 TD 30-30
6. Marlin 1893 TD 30-30  (August 2, 2017)
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Billy Jack's 2017 Matthew Quigley Trip
7. Billy Jack's 2017 Matthew Quigley Trip  (June 29, 2017)
There were 697 shooters at the Quigley, so there must be at least 697 stories.

This one is mine.

Leaving Lubbock, TX it took me 3 1/2 days with stops to visit fellow Scoundrels, friends, and a son & DIL to get to Quigleyville, Montana by Wednesday afternoon.

2 1/2 days of practice and 2 days of shooting for score and I was back on the road home.....with a detour through the Big Horn Mountains.

Spent 3 days camping and fishing on the South Tongue River in Big Horn National Forest. Ate grilled brook trout caught on a fly rod every day. No cell service not even a pay phone at the only store 20 miles away.

A day and a half drive back to Longmont to visit another son and his wife and an old high school friend and then a day and a half to get back home about 7 AM on Sunday, exactly 2 weeks from departure.

My 18 year old Chevy HD2500 went 2685 miles flawlessly. Then on Monday morning after I was home for less than 24 hours I needed to move it off the driveway so the contractor could install our new windows at the house. It was deader than a hammer. Took both a new battery and a new starter.

If that had happened a few days earlier in the Big Horn National Forest it would have been BAAAAADDD!

My truck and trailer did well, my old body cooperated with very little complaint, my new Shiloh Sharps rifle was a real pleasure, the Scoundrel company was fantastic, I shot a little better than I actually expected, and I came home rested and ready to do it all over again.

I am already making slight equipment changes with Quigley 2018 in mind.
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Shiloh Sharps 1874 Hartford Model 45-70
8. Shiloh Sharps 1874 Hartford Model 45-70  (May 11, 2017)
As I entered the gun shop I saw the huge box with my Sharps rifle. It was well packaged and hard to get the hard metal rifle case out of the box. As I got it out I noticed the heavy rifle had tried to break out of the metal case! I guess UPS had dropped it on its end and although the seller had packed it well, the straps holding the rifle down were not set up to really stop an end to end movement from the inertia of the heavy rifle. The end of the case was slightly bent out and a small piece of the protective sock around the rifle was sticking out of the case. So I was really hesitant and anxious as I unpacked my Sharps fearing some damage to the rifle. Eventually I looked it all over good and the wadded up end of the sock had absorbed all of the shock of the rifle.
At that point relief and joy finally set in.
It took me nearly two years to finally decide to buy a Shiloh Sharps and lots of input and enabling from many friends on the Levergun Scoundrels Forum..... led of course by Steve Anderson of Cheyenne Wyoming.
Thanks guys!

Now.....will it shoot as good as it looks?
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Shiloh Sharps 1894 Hartford 45-70
10. Shiloh Sharps 1894 Hartford 45-70  (April 22, 2017)
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11. JYDRA-II  (April 1, 2017)
Seven Levergun Scoundrels and one guest got together at Billy Jack's 180 acre hunting lease for some dinger shooting on the "Junk Yard" dinger range.

As usual the weather was windy, cold, and this year we added WET.

The range this year had paper sighting in targets at 50 and 100 yards, dingers at 140, 190, 330, 343, 343, 366, 548, and 616 yards.

We also had 8 one gallon jugs of water set up at about 35 yards. Each scoundrel had to use a revolver to bust one jug. He could then draw a number for his place in line to take a shot at the 10" Blue Corn Tortilla at 366 yards for a prize. We shot one shot at a time in rotation as drawn until there was a hit. After a few rounds Sarge finally slapped the tortilla and won his choice of a pound of 2400 or Unique donated by gmmccaslin. Soon after Maverick also hit the tortilla and won the other pound of powder.

The weather really shortened our time to shoot but not our spirit. Actually we seemed to get quite a bit of shooting done in spite of the weather.

Next year I may move it out later in April or into May to get a better chance of warmer weather. Of course in Texas in the spring time it is always a crap shoot, especially with the wind.

I think everyone had a good time shooting, spotting, visiting, and of course eating. I know that I probably had the most fun of all just putting it together and seeing old friends come out to help me with some shooting.

I am still a real novice at the shooting, but I learn a lot every time I get to shoot with other shooters.

So as long as I can...I'll do it again!
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Marlin 336 RC Texan 35 Remington
12. Marlin 336 RC Texan 35 Remington  (July 30, 2016)
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Marlin 375 Win
13. Marlin 375 Win  (February 11, 2016)
I took the 375 Win completely apart and Kroiled all the metal parts to remove some light freckling and general gunk. There was a hairline crack in the fore end stock that I put a little thin super glue in so it won't crack further. It is in photo #17, starts at the swivel and is about 1 1/2 in long. It was almost unnoticeable until I put a tad bit of stain on the repair. That made the crack more noticeable. If you ever refinish the stock the crack will disappear. I merely cleaned and waxed the stocks, left them original. It was missing the front sight hood and so I replaced that. There had been a scope at one time and the 4 filler screws are missing and I didn't have any, so they are still missing.

The rifle had very little wear inside the action. The bore is perfect. The trigger is a very nice 3.75lbs. The rifle cleaned up really nice. It is not a "like new" rifle. It has had honest wear or maybe just a little heavy handling and neglect. But it is all appropriate for it's 36 years. It's a very nice looking rifle in a great caliber. I would be proud to own and use this rifle.

When I saw the rifle and that it was a caliber I didn't have I just had to rescue it and take it home and give it a good cleaning.
Normally I would be ordering dies, ordering bullets, looking for brass, and picking out my loads for the new rifle.
However, I have so many rifle projects going and things I want to shoot and do that I am going to just put it on the market at a very modest profit and let someone else have the fun. Half of my enjoyment comes from finding the rifles, cleaning them up, owning them for a short time, then seeing someone else take over.

I am trying to make this rifle a better buy than any I've seen recently on MO or GB. I'd like one of you to get it and if no one is interested I'll put it on GB. I have had very good luck on GB lately after moving it from MO and that surprises me.

Every one of these I've seen has been $800 - $1,000. I got it at a good deal and can sell it for $725 and that will include shipping and insurance if your FFL will accept it from me. Add $25 if I have to have an FFL ship it to your FFL. This price is for ContUS, might be more for Alaska or Hawaii. Send any questions to jack@jackbainsrealtors.com or PM me (BillyJack)
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Winchester Model 71 348 WIN
14. Winchester Model 71 348 WIN  (January 23, 2016)
This is a rifle that has been in our family either from it's original purchase in 1952 or possibly bought as a "like new" used rifle in 1952 or 1953. DOM is 1952.

Uncle Paul used this rifle to hunt bear and moose in Montana, Wyoming, and Canada.

The family has decided to sell the rifle. If a collector buys it that is OK, but we would rather see the rifle put back into use hunting big game as it was intended.

The rifle has been well stored and cared for and is in pristine condition for a 63 year old actual hunting rifle not a safe queen.

It comes with a well worn homemade hand tooled leather scabbard and a really worn homemade leather butt cover. The stock is probably a bit discolored under the old leather, but we felt leaving it original was important.

The sight is an original all steel Lyman receiver mounted peep sight, missing the screw-in aperture.

The rifle is 100% completely original, just as it was the last time Paul brought it home from his last hunting trip, cleaned it, wiped it down, and put it away for the next trip.

The 348 WIN cartridge was made for this rifle and this rifle was made for the 348 WIN cartridge. A match made in heaven.......except maybe for the tender of shoulder. It is definitely a thumper.

I bought a few rounds on GB the other day and shot the rifle. It functions flawlessly. I wiped it down, ran a bore snake down the bore, and put it back in its leather scabbard.
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Marlin 444SS
15. Marlin 444SS  (December 27, 2015)
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