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Car Scratch And Damage Repair Tips

Car scratch and damage repair service is expensive and you need to find the right person to do the job or else you’ll have to pay more in the long run. If you know anything about repairing cars then you may handle the job by yourself. But your techniques may not be successful as you expect. Repairing car scratches require skills and proper tools to be used.


As an owner, you want to avoid getting car scratches to avoid costings so the first thing you need to know is where do you get car scratches? Here’s how:


  1. From your drive-through car wash – Often, you are not aware that car wash servicing uses hard-hitting water hoses which can scratch car paint. Next is the bad hand drying technique applied by the personnel. Think your car gets cleaned thoroughly? You might ride home satisfied with cleaning but your car gets small scratches that are very unnoticeable.
  2. You use dish washing soaps for car washing – this type of soap is harsh to car paints. Use car soaps instead. These products are precisely made for car cleaning. Use dry towel for drying process.
  3. Rude maintenance and handling – Your vehicle also needs proper care so they maintain a good look and avoid serious damages. Believe it or not, there are maintenance techniques that every owner does which can cause damage without them knowing.


Try to learn simple car scratch repair on your own or get a DIY kit so you don’t have to impound your car in auto repair shops just because of minor scratches. However, serious scratches needs the attention of an expert.

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