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Hello and welcome to my albums..I hope you will enjoy sharing them with me. Albums/photos and videos are updated regularly.
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Towbe's Adventures plus
1. Towbe's Adventures plus   (2017)

UPDATED:- October 10th This album will contain photos and videos of Towbe the Chihuahua's adventures & funtimes. I have gotten way behind with Towbe's album as it is summer time and we are busy adventuring. Please click on first photo and then either manually proceed or set the slide show to automatically play. 1-23 The blessing of Towbe: 24-87 Thanksgiving at the village: 88- COMING SOON

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2. Graphics  (2017)

UPDATED > Jan 30th, 2018 /First new addition is # 21. My Digital Cross Stitch Pictures.. This album contains the DIGITAL cross stitch patterns I have created with a program named Cross Stitch World. It is free for some samples which you complete to earn cash points. There are lots of groupings that you can then purchase with those points. You can create a friends group and share amongst yourselves.(FB required)

The opening page has them all shown small. You cannot see the cross stitches that small. You will have to click on the first picture to enlarge and then you can either click to move one at a time or run as a slide show. You can also use your own photos/pictures to create with. ENJOY and thank you for sharing. for sharing my latest album.

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Bills Presentation
3. Bills Presentation  (Nov 18, 2014)
Our son Bill and Dave Keon Jr. are presented and congratulated at the Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey game for 25 years of dedicated service to the National Hockey League.
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Adventures saved
4. Adventures saved  (June July 2017)
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