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Tucson 2009
This album chronicles our Arizona adventure in Jan and Feb of 2009.  The first stop is Quartzsite, then on to Tucson.
Date(s): January 28, 2009. Album by Judy Miller. 1 - 91 of 91 Total. 5785 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Here we go.....driving to Quartzsite AZ.  January 2009.  I am a great fan of the clouds, and you can see mountains poking up all the way.

Enlarge photo 2
Just more clouds and mountains as we drive in the desert.

Enlarge photo 3
The photos show up a little better if you click on  them I think.

Enlarge photo 4
Jewelry for Sale Album
Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry

Enlarge photo 5
This is the largest garage sale in the world I think.  It is Quartzsite AZ.  We are here to attend what is known as the PowWow.  It is a rock and gem show held in January.  This particular dealer offers dinosaur bone rocks.  Glen bought some....and.....I got a red Bakelite bracelet from the same dealer.

The sign says Jurasic Agates.

Enlarge photo 6
Jim Rocks and Sue Wraps.  The perfect couple I think.

Enlarge photo 7
The whole city is set up sort of like this.  You can find everything here.

Enlarge photo 8
This particuar section is called Rice Ranch and this is where Loretta Rawlins and her daughter set up.

Enlarge photo 9
Here are the two ladies in their large tent.  The walls are covered with wonderful metal Western Wall art.  And those cases are full of costume jewelry.

Enlarge photo 10
Another look at the booth.

Enlarge photo 11
This is Loretta with her butterflies.  The blue one on her shoulder is by Dominique and is a shoulder butterfly.  Not many of these around.

Enlarge photo 12
Two ladies make pies all day in this set up.  Apple pies only.  Glen tried it...said it was good.

Enlarge photo 13
This is Quartzsite, and these are tiny peuter figures.  The dealer set all these.  Now I'm not really mean....but I did think it would be funny to see if they would collapse domino style.  No, I didn't do it.

Enlarge photo 14
Need a wrench....or fifty wrenches?

Enlarge photo 15
This is our Bonanza Opal booth.  The digging was sparse this year, so we didn't have much to sell.  Glen and I didn't have to work it because there were lots of shareholders there to do that.

Enlarge photo 16
These bracelets are really nice Native American bracelets.  About 400.00 per.  Less, if they are more narrow.

Enlarge photo 17
Here you go, ladies.....lots of necklaces.  TUBS of necklaces.

Enlarge photo 18
Click on this one and read the sign.

Jewelry for Sale Album
Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry

Enlarge photo 19
This one is to illustrate that there is EVERYTHING at they Quartzsite show.  Not a good photo, but these are boxes of Mary Kay products.

Enlarge photo 20
Here are bottles of opals for sale.  Not from the Bonanza.  The opals are from Australia I think, and they are in water.

Enlarge photo 21
Trying to show you the hugeness of this place.  These are cabs  and polished pieces for jewelry.

Enlarge photo 22
Have you seens fire agate?  It is really nice.  I have a ring on my image event that is fire agate.

Enlarge photo 23
Here are some bottles of fire agate.

Enlarge photo 24
More fire agate.

Enlarge photo 25
I'm not one for the wire wrap at all.  Not a procedure that I admire.  I always think that the wire hides the stone.  Some wrappers get carried away with the wire.

Enlarge photo 26
When my daughter was an exchange student in Brazil, she came home with some sculptures like this.

Enlarge photo 27
This is one dealer with his buddie.  He loves this little dog, and most of the RVs have a similar pet.

Enlarge photo 28
If you click on this one, you will see the little bugs.

Enlarge photo 29
A pile of amber.

Enlarge photo 30
This tent is at what is called Rice Ranch in Quartzsite.  The tent is next to Loretta Rawlins's tent.  Check out the coyotes.

Enlarge photo 31
This guy is hilarious!!!  Look carefully...he is crosseyed!

Enlarge photo 32
One dealer with crystals.

Jewelry for Sale Album
Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry

Enlarge photo 33
This is another part of Quartzsite.....the flea market part.

Enlarge photo 34
See????  Doesn't this look like a garage sale?

Enlarge photo 35
Whatever you want....it's here.

Enlarge photo 36
Some of these stores stay here all winter I think.  I've never been here in the summer, but I hear that it is practically deserted.

Enlarge photo 37
Cement turtles with rocks on their backs.

Enlarge photo 38
At the Elephant Ears Pork Bar B Que there is entertainment.

Enlarge photo 39
The guitarists are there in the middle.  An audience of one.

Enlarge photo 40
This is one of the permanent stores at the flea.

Enlarge photo 41
Can you spot Glen at the end of the aisle?

Enlarge photo 42
More jewelry.

Enlarge photo 43
This town is in the middle of the desert.  And you can see some of it in the bottom of this bead bin.  It is on top of all the cases, and inside all the exhibits.

Enlarge photo 44
I have no clue what these are for, but they are scary.

Enlarge photo 45
OK, here is the bargain jewelry.

Jewelry for Sale Album
Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry

Enlarge photo 46
This is the back of the parking lot....it's desert.

Enlarge photo 47
More flea participants.

Enlarge photo 48
I found this set in a dealers booth at the Quartzsite Pow Wow.  It is a pretty good replica of the Margot set.  It is signed by the maker, but really hard to see.  At least there is no attempt to pass it off as one of Margot's.

Enlarge photo 49
The set was inside the main building, so the lights were pretty yellow.

Enlarge photo 50

Enlarge photo 51

Enlarge photo 52

Enlarge photo 53
The seller had 399.00 on this set, but after I talked to her a while, she decided not to sell it.  She thinks it may be worth more.  I didn't attempt to buy it at all, and don't think it's worth more than 399.00.

Enlarge photo 54

Enlarge photo 55
Here we go driving to Tucson from Quartzsite.  Love those mountains on the horizon.

Enlarge photo 56
Me and my clouds again.

Enlarge photo 57
This one is supposed to look like a coyote.

Enlarge photo 58
Jewelry for Sale Album
Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry

Enlarge photo 59
This is where we will spend a couple or three weeks in Tucson.  I am standing in our spot, and that is the main building with the laundry, pool, workout room and restaurant.

Enlarge photo 60
Our little housie and the truck.

Enlarge photo 61
This is a nice RV park.....cement and rocks, not a dirt park.  The place that we go when we are at the opal mine is all dirt, and the dust is amazing.

Enlarge photo 62
Another flea market, but this time we are in Tucson.

Enlarge photo 63
This photo is for my granddaughter.....no Sarah...not for you.

Enlarge photo 64
Some of the vendors are temporary, but a lot of these vendors are here all the time.

Enlarge photo 65
This flea is pretty big.

Enlarge photo 66
These two are pretty laid back fellas.

Enlarge photo 67
This is a wooden Indian offering turquoise.  I saw the same dealer here at the Electirc Park, a gem show venue.

Enlarge photo 68
Glen took me up the mountain to see the lights of Tuscon.  Sorry about this photo.

Enlarge photo 69
This is what I see all the time.  Glen is at his computer, and I can only see the screen reflected in his glasses.
I am on the other side of the table with my computer.

Enlarge photo 70
I thought this was funny.  Glen is doing the dishes.  The paper plates go into the garbage and we don't have to leave the table to do it.

Enlarge photo 71
We are now on our way to "the claim".  We are going to be digging for crystal scepters.

Jewelry for Sale Album
Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry

Enlarge photo 72
On the way, we pass this little town, and they do have a Cow Palace.

Enlarge photo 73
And here is the Cow Palace.  This is a steak house, and at night, the eyes are lit up.

Enlarge photo 74
Here we are on the side of a mountain getting the gear out and ready to dig.

Enlarge photo 75
Some of the terrain around us.  We are only about 6 miles from Mexico.  The illegals are a real threat here.  They will steal us blind if we aren't careful.

Enlarge photo 76
The view of the road to the claim.

Enlarge photo 77
Digging tools and the chairs for lunch.

Enlarge photo 78
I am at the top of our dig, and that is Glen's head at the bottom.

Enlarge photo 79
My foot and some of the digging tools.

Jewelry for Sale Album
Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry

Enlarge photo 80
Glen took this photo of me digging.

Enlarge photo 81
He hollered at me to sit up and look.  We found a few crystals, but they are really tiny.  Pretty cute though.

Enlarge photo 82
I NEEDED a Nordstrom and there isn't one in Tucson.  (One major drawback if you are considering moving here.  :)  )  Sooooo Glen took me to Phoenix.  We went up the mountain there and looked at the city.

Enlarge photo 83
I have never seen a whole city all lit up like this.  I couldn't get it all in my two photos.  This is something you must do if you go to Phoenix.  A wonderful experience.
"Judy, did you say this was at the to..."
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Enlarge photo 84
We visited this restaurant.  It's a cowboy place with good steaks.  Only thing is....if you wear a tie, they will cut it off of you and hang it on the wall.

Enlarge photo 85
The interior of the restaurant.  Covered with tie halves.

Enlarge photo 86
Even on the rafters.

Jewelry for Sale Album
Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry

Enlarge photo 87
The restaurant is one building in this cowboy little town.  Sort of a cowboy mini mall.  This wagon is a USPS mail delivery truck.  Of interest to me.

Enlarge photo 88
This is the band stand in the middle of the cowboy mall.  They even have a bad guy fight going on periodically.

Enlarge photo 89
Bruce and Vickie Pantti in their booth at one of the bead and jewelry venues in Tucson.  None of the bead or jewelry venues would allow cameras, but somehow I was able to get these photos.

These people are really nice folks, and we had a good visit.

Enlarge photo 90
If you are a Bakelite lover, or if you love the plastics like I do, you will enjoy this booth.
There are some older pieces in the slant lid tops, and there are Pantti creations on the tables and on the racks.

Enlarge photo 91
These bracelets are wonderful swirls of color and what we are refering to when we mention the cast resin bracelets.

Bruce has mentioned that his new web site should be up and running in June.  Below is the link to the web store.  Right now, the link will take you to a confusing place because it is under construction.....save the link for June.  VBG

Breezy Palm Trading Company

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