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These necklaces are not designer signed, but they are gorgeous.

POSTAGE is $8.00 for most items.  Actual postage will be charged for large orders, or international orders.

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Date(s): September 24, 2007. Album by Judy Miller. 1 - 66 of 66 Total. 5029 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
This is one interesting necklace.  It is about 30 " long with no clasp.

Enlarge photo 2
I'm thinking that the round spacers are bone.  You can see the mesh inside of the spacers and they have been painted.  The coral colored beads are colored all the way through.

Enlarge photo 3
The large focal, is silver with dragon looking things on it.  The two sides are different, but both have scary dragon type things on it.  There are fish scales on the beast.  The silver balls on the necklace have enamel on them and the little danglies make interesting sounds

PRICE 75.00

Enlarge photo 4
This one is an unmarked piece.  It is a wonderful metal piece that was probably on the runway at one time.

Enlarge photo 5
The choker necklace is 15 1/2" long, and has a push in clasp.

Enlarge photo 6
The metal is hard to describe...it is a gold tone, but has silver color there too.  There is lots of patina here as the links change color.

PRICE  150.00

Enlarge photo 7
This gold ball necklace is a runway piece.  The balls are not metal.  Very light weight.

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Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry

Enlarge photo 8
The necklace is 17" and has a spring ring clasp.  It will be worn twisted, and in a choker style.  Great with a V neck blouse or suit.


Enlarge photo 9
This glass and brass filagree necklace is probably from Czechoslavakia, or West Germany.

Enlarge photo 10
In excellent shape, this necklace is about 41" long.  A real flapper style.

Price $ 36.00

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Jewelry For Sale
Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry

Enlarge photo 11
Excellent necklace of cased glass beads. The clear glass covering has little bumps of color also.  The spacers are a dark silver color, and the blue beads are the fiber optic type.  They are a brilliant blue.

Enlarge photo 12
The clasp is a barrel type, and the necklace is 17" long.

PRICE  48.00

Enlarge photo 13
When I bought these, the tag said Maijorca pearls, but I can't be sure that they are real.  
I would call the color here a white.  Not cream, blue, pink or grey.

Enlarge photo 14
The clasp is a nice one, and says "silver" on the back.

Enlarge photo 15
The length of the strand is an opera length at 58".  They are knoted between each pearl, and they are in pristine condition.  A really nice necklace.

Because of the length and the clasp, you can easily get three strands here.

Price 30.00

Enlarge photo 16
This necklace is sooo sparkly.  It is what I call goldstone.  The beads have flecks of gold sparkle in there.  The large beads and the small beads all glitter.

Enlarge photo 17
The necklace has a clasp, and is 28" long.

Price 75.00

Enlarge photo 18
Givre glass beaded vintage necklace.  15 1/2" long.

Enlarge photo 19
If you click on this photo, you will see the givre.

PRICE  10.00

Enlarge photo 20
This old amber necklace is awesome.  It is such a nice bright yellow and all hand knoted.  It has the hidden screw type bead for a clasp.  It is 24" long.

Enlarge photo 21
This photo shows the color best.  Very light weight necklace.

PRICE  85.00

Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
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Enlarge photo 22
This necklace is soooo nice.  All glass including the extender chain.  The necklace is in excellent condition, and is 18" long, which is including the extender chain.

PRICE  35.00

Enlarge photo 23
This wonderful pink and yellow glass necklace is Venitian glass.  It is in wonderful condition, and is wearable at 23".
The colors on the large beads are not painted on, they are part of the glass.

PRICE  90.00

Enlarge photo 24
This rock crystal necklace is shown in the next photo on the stand with the antigue glass necklace.  It is wonderfully faceted, and has an old fillagree push in clasp.  The necklace is 31" long.

PRICE  150.00

Enlarge photo 25
If you click on this one, you can better see the rock crystal necklace shown in the previous photo.

Enlarge photo 26
The beads on this old necklace are glass.  The color is a pale yellow to ivory color.  The beads in the center of the brass beads are green.

Enlarge photo 27
The necklace is long at 32" and it has a barrel clasp.

PRICE  30.00

Enlarge photo 28
Eleven strands of golden yellow seed beads are on this necklace.  Some brass spacer beads, and some of the seed beads have white on them also.  The necklace is 28 1/2" long.

Enlarge photo 29
Probably from the 1970's.

PRICE  25.00

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Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry

Enlarge photo 30
Huge silver color punched metal disks adorn this cool necklace.  Made in the 60's or 70's, this one makes a statement.

Enlarge photo 31
The necklace is 28" long and has a hook clasp.

PRICE  20.00

Enlarge photo 32
Here is a gorgeous old red festoon necklace.  It has a push in clasp, and is 16 1/2" long.

Enlarge photo 33
The stones are all intact and in excellent condition.

PRICE  110.00

Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
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Enlarge photo 34
Here is an afordable Lucite necklace to add to your Lucite collection.

Enlarge photo 35
It has a spring ring clasp and is 24" long.  In great condition.

PRICE  18.00

Enlarge photo 36
Here is a beautiful African trade bead necklace.  It is a long one, at 32".

Enlarge photo 37
There is no clasp, but the necklace will fit easily over your head.

Enlarge photo 38
The beads are a bright combination of clear reds, a large black, and some miliflore beads that have interesting designs on the inside cuts.

PRICE  45.00

Enlarge photo 39
This necklace consists of glass givre beads, and glass multi colored clear beads.

Enlarge photo 40
There are gold colored spacers between the beads.  The necklace is in excellent condition and is 30" long.

PRICE  50.00

Enlarge photo 41
You will love this glass necklace!  It isn't strung on anything....the beads are attached to each other with loops.

Enlarge photo 42
It has a spring ring clasp, so can be worn as one strand, or two.

Enlarge photo 43
You will want to click on this photo to see the quality of these beads.  Beautiful amber beads and faceted jet black beads.

The necklace is 41" long.

Price $ 28.00

Enlarge photo 44
A yummy pale yellow or cream torsade necklace for you.  All glass beads.

Enlarge photo 45
There are nine strands here of smooth beads.  In excellent condition.

Enlarge photo 46
The necklace is 29" long.

Price $ 22.00

Enlarge photo 47
This guy is my hairy lion necklace.  Here you get an idea of how long the necklace is.  It is about 27" long, and the lion adds 3 more inches to that length.

Enlarge photo 48
Here, I have him pulled up to take the photo.  He is unmarked, but not unnoticed.  Topaz and black faceted beads hang from his mane.

Enlarge photo 49
The detail on this face is amazing.  He is holding a scroll in his mouth...must be delivering it to someone important.  In excellent shape.

Price $ 195.00

Enlarge photo 50
Another carnelian red item.  This time it is a silky glass seed beed necklace.  There are thousands of beads on this necklace.

Enlarge photo 51
The clasp is the button and loop type.  Really a fine piece, this necklace is 25" long and adjusts to about 24" via the little loops.

PRICE  50.00

Enlarge photo 52
I'm calling this one an angel necklace.  No makers mark, but it is well made.

Enlarge photo 53
Two little angels hoover above this large faux pearl which has a gold leaf dangling below it.  The chain on this necklace is awesome. The necklace is 29" and the angel drop is 3 1/2".

PRICE  25.00

Enlarge photo 54
This necklace is by an artisan from Oregon.  She uses natural stones and her own lampwork beads to create this frothy piece.

Enlarge photo 55
The stones are rose quartz and pink faceted beads. There are pink lampwork beads here.  The clasp is sterling and has another mark inside, but I think it is the mark of the clasp maker.

Enlarge photo 56
The designer is Eileen Paul of Roseburg OR.

Enlarge photo 57
The necklace is 21" long.

PRICE  130.00

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Jewelry For Sale
Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry

Enlarge photo 58
Love this one!  The necklace is a choker length of about 17".  This one may have been on the runway in the 1980's.

Enlarge photo 59
The necklace is not signed.  The large focal is a beautiful gold tone metal, and the beads are a turquoise color resin.  Brass beads are the spacer beads.  In fabulous condition.

PRICE  125.00

Enlarge photo 60
This is a wonderful, elegant choker necklace.  The pearls are not real of couse, but they are nice.  A creamy white color, they are hand knoted.

Enlarge photo 61
The necklace clasp is in the front.

Enlarge photo 62
The stones are all there and sparkly.  The center piece is 2" from the top, to the bottom of the center pearl.

Enlarge photo 63
The necklace is just shy of 16" long.  In excellent condition, it has recently been re strung.

PRICE 25.00

Enlarge photo 64
Do you love yellow?  Yellow jewelry always catches my eye, and this necklace is really nice.

The beads are all glass, and the necklace is hand knotted in the larger beaded sections.  The beads are all perfect....no chips or dings anywhere.

Enlarge photo 65
The largest bead is 1 1/4" long.  There is no clasp...this one just fits over your head.  The necklace is 33" long at the shortest measurement.  Plenty long enough to go over your head.  The longest measurement is 37" aroung, from back of the neck to the longest dip of the strand.

Enlarge photo 66
The glass beads are smooth except for the large swirly one.  The yellow color is a deep lemon color leaning toward, but not quite, butterscotch.  There are four white beads for contrast.

PRICE  60.00

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