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Sterling, Mexican Silver,and Copper
These are items made with silver or copper.  Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, men's jewelry, etc.

POSTAGE is $3.00 for most items.  Actual postage will be charged for large orders, or international orders.

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Date(s): September 24, 2007. Album by Judy Miller. 1 - 115 of 115 Total. 8156 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Another fabulous sterling piece.  This is a brooch that has a flower and leaf design and dangles.
The flower design is inticate and very well done.

Enlarge photo 2
Both pieces are marked STERLING BY LE GRO.

Judy's email
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Enlarge photo 3
The brooch hangs down to 3 1/4".  It is in excellent condition.

PRICE: 45.00

Enlarge photo 4
Here is a copper set by MATISSE.  The design is the Barcarolle pattern.  This set is said to be an enamel set in the blue to harmonize with flowers.  In any case, it really is a nice set, and one that isn't a common design.

Enlarge photo 5
This photo shows how the little copper cages lifts up off of the blue enamel wing shaped piece.  Just to show you that the cage thingie isn't glued to the enamel.

Enlarge photo 6
The set is in excellent condition with no chips or damage.  The necklace is 16 1/2" from the hook to the end of the extender chain.  The clip earrings are 7/8" square.  The earrings are both signed, but not the necklace.

PRICE  150.00

Enlarge photo 7
Here is a sterling silver fish bracelet with a toggle clasp.

Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
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Enlarge photo 8
The fish look like the really are swimming....they are attached to each other under the chin (chin?  does a fish have a chin?) and at the tail.

Enlarge photo 9
These guys are in a hurry to get there!  The bracelet is 8" long, and it does have a mark, but it is unreadable.

Price SOLD

"Hey Judy. I love this bracelet. I'm kinda confused ..."
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Enlarge photo 10
This brooch is a copy of one owned by the Duchess of Windsor.  It is sterling and marcasites with the large mother of pearl center stone.  The eye is a topaz color.

Enlarge photo 11
This Deco design is 1 1/2" tall.

PRICE  65.00

Enlarge photo 12
This brooch is sterling silver and genuine cloisonne.  The hallmarks on the back declare this to be sterling made by the Watson Company of Attleboro MA.  The enamel design is called guilloche.

Enlarge photo 13
Here are the hallmarks. Made circa 1910.  The crown, initial W and the lion look to be British, but the initial W isn't a W to indicate the year of manufacture. It is a figural W for Watson.

Enlarge photo 14
Very well made and sturdy, the clasp resembles a safety pin closure.
The brooch is 2" long.

Price 115.00

Enlarge photo 15
Absolutely fantastic is one way to describe this wonderful old Hobe sterling piece.  It is huge, and in excellent shape.

Enlarge photo 16
Hand made flowers and leaves are applied to the ribbons with flower sprigs coming out from the center rose.

Enlarge photo 17
The brooch is 3 1/8" across.  Made in the early 1940's.

PRICE  275.00

Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
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Enlarge photo 18
Made in about 1944, this Hobe sterling piece is wonderful.  The sterling has softened to a rich patina, and the stones add some color.

Enlarge photo 19
Some wear to one of the topaz stones, but does not detract.

Enlarge photo 20
The brooch is heavy, and is 3 1/8" tall.

PRICE  275.00

Enlarge photo 21
There are enamel charms, and most of the charms are sterling.

The bracelet itself is 7 1/2" long, and has a fold over clasp.  It is not sterling.

Enlarge photo 22
This charm bracelet is loaded with charms relating to the American Business Women's Association.  There are 35 charms on the bracelet.

Enlarge photo 23
I counted 26 sterling charms.  Most of the charms are two sided, with enamel on one side.  There are two president's gavels, and one secretary's quill.

Enlarge photo 24
There are several "chairman" charms and various other project charms.

PRICE  75.00

Enlarge photo 25
These little Native American earrings are really sweet.  They are sterling and have turquoise stones in the center.

Enlarge photo 26
The earrings are oval and are 3/4" long.  They are clips.

PRICE  10.00

Enlarge photo 27
Here is a nice sterling tie clip.  It has a hematite piece in the middle with a helmeted Roman, or an Indian.  I am not sure which it is.

Enlarge photo 28
Here is the sterling mark.  It is 3" long.

PRICE  10.00

Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
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Enlarge photo 29
Enamel over copper, these earrings are elegant.

Enlarge photo 30
Not signed, these earrings are screwbacks, and they are 2" long.

PRICE  10.00

Enlarge photo 31
This little donkey is soooo cute.  He is only an inch long, but full of personality.

Enlarge photo 32
Marked Mexico, he has a C clasp, and I'm sure he is sterling.  Probably too small to get it all on there.

Price 15.00

Enlarge photo 33
This little chatelaine is so cute.  It is Mexican sterling, so marked on each piece. The figures are each 2" tall, and in great shape.  You won't be disappointed with this pin set.

Price 100.00

Enlarge photo 34
This bracelet is sterling with real amethysts.  The marcasites are hand set.

It is 7" long and has a push in clasp.

The bracelet is indeed a product of a company called Vintage Creations.   The company started in 1973.  Retailing at 200.00, the bracelet is really lovely.  Offered here at much less.

Enlarge photo 35
The stones are amethyst , and the marcasites are hand set with prongs.

Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
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Enlarge photo 36
The mark is "Vintage" and "sterling".  I think the mark to the left of the main marks is 925.

Price 95.00

Enlarge photo 37
These earrings were my mom's.  They are the abalone and obsidian that is common for Mexican jewelry.

If you see anything you want, just email me.  
Enlarge photo 38
The earrings are marked Taxco and 925 and Mexico.  About 1 " across.

They are definitely vintage.  :)

Price 12.00

Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
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Enlarge photo 39
A gorgeous black onyx and sterling bracelet made in Mexico.

Enlarge photo 40

Enlarge photo 41
The bracelet is 7 1/2" long and has a push in clasp.  It is 1 1/2" wide at the widest point.

Enlarge photo 42
The mark is really hard to read and if someone has a good idea of the maker, I would love to hear it.  Across the top, it says "plata 935" and the center looks to be "CMS or CHB".  The bottom last letters are "ualagro".  Possible an M in the front.

PRICE 150.00

"Hi...love your jewelry....plata simply means made of...."
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Enlarge photo 43
This is a great sterling ring.  It has a citrine colored cabachon that is bezel set.

Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
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Enlarge photo 44
The ring is a wide one.  It is an inch across the top, and 1/4" at the narrow point.

Enlarge photo 45
Size 8 1/2. #16

PRICE  65.00

Enlarge photo 46
This is one gorgeous flower pin.  It is sterling with a gold wash over it.

Enlarge photo 47
The blue stones are a deep aqua, and the reds are brilliant reds.

Enlarge photo 48
Marked sterling, the brooch is a whopping 4" tall.

PRICE  65.00

Enlarge photo 49
This is a darling little Mexican sterling brooch.  It is marked Taxco 980, which is almost pure silver.

Enlarge photo 50
The brooch is 2 1/2" long.  In excellent condition.

PRICE  95.00

Enlarge photo 51
This is a sweet Mexican sterling donkey.  He is 2 1/4" tall, and looks like he is napping on the job.

Enlarge photo 52
The mark is sterling on the top, and Plateria, and then GIL, which must be the silver shop.  Below that Guad, for Guadalahara, and Mexico.

PRICE  25.00

Enlarge photo 53
This is a sterling brooch with a gold wash and a huge red stone in the center.  Look how that red stone reflects from all the ribbon surfaces.

Enlarge photo 54
Side view.  There is a chip on one corner of the stone, but it is under the prong so not noticeable.  Has to be mentioned though.

Enlarge photo 55
Marked sterling, the brooch is 2 1/2" across, and the center red glass stone is 3/4" square.

PRICE  35.00

Enlarge photo 56
This brooch is soooo gorgeous!  It is Mexican sterling with a 14K gold wash on it.  The vermeil is in excellent condition.  The brooch was made in Mexico probably for Marcel Boucher.  Although it does only have the "Mexico" mark and the 14K mark, it is pictured on page 270 of Costume Jewelry 202, and attributed to Parisina, a company  using designs by Marcel Boucher.  A world war II item.

Enlarge photo 57
The stone is glass, and the brooch is marked Mexico and 14K.

Enlarge photo 58
It is 2 1/2" BY 2 1/2".

Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
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Enlarge photo 59
A fantastic Trifari sterling set.  A bird brooch and earrings to match. All sterling, with a gold wash.

Enlarge photo 60
Patent number 159923, done by Alfred Phillipe Aug 29, 1950.  The earrings are marked with a pat pending, and Trifari.  Evidently the patent came through in 1954.

The bird is just over 4" long, and the earrings are clips, they are 1 3/4" long.#1

PRICE  375.00

Enlarge photo 61
These earrings are sterling and also by HOBE.  They are a similar design as the previous brooch.

Enlarge photo 62
Just under an inch across, the earrings are screw backs.#7

PRICE  40.00

Enlarge photo 63
This is a fine old piece of butterfly wing jewelry.  The blue part is the wing, and the palm trees are painted.  The silver paint at the bottom accents.

Enlarge photo 64
The pendant says England, sterling, and PI202213.  The best we could come up with, is that the item was made in America about 1878 and sold in England.  This would explain the absence of the British hallmarks.

Enlarge photo 65
The necklace has a wearable length of 17". #6


Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
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Enlarge photo 66
This is a really nice Deco looking bracelet.  Done with onyx, real marcasites, and sterling.

Enlarge photo 67
The bracelet is 7 1/4" long and has a fold over clasp.  Excellent condition.

PRICE  36.00

Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
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Enlarge photo 68
This is a copper, brass and enamel set that is marked MAYA MEXICO.  I looked up the name and didn't get much more than that.  In any case this brooch and earring set is very nice.

Enlarge photo 69
The earrings are screw backs and marked with Maya Mexico.  The earrings are 2 1/2" long and have a double sided drop.

Enlarge photo 70
The brooch exactly coppies the earrings.  That drop is double sided.  The brooch is 4 1/2" long.  In very good condition, you will love this set.

Enlarge photo 71
PRICE  110.00

Enlarge photo 72
Here is a wonderful sterling brooch for you. It is large, it is a smooth....soft silver, it is sterling, and it is by a favorite designer.  NAPIER.  

The brooch is 2 7/8" tall and 2 5/8" across the top of the bow.

Enlarge photo 73
In wonderful condition even though it is a Vintage piece.  There is some tarnish on the inside of the dangles on the ribbon, but it isn't noticeable unless you are looking for it.  I would probably clean it if it were mine, but I want to leave it to the new owner to make that decision.

Enlarge photo 74
The signature on the back is partly worn off, but it is there.  See the photo.

PRICE  225.00

Enlarge photo 75
MATISSE copper and enamel maple leaf brooch in a dark teal.  Excellent condition.

Enlarge photo 76
No chips, scratches or damage of any kind on this nice leaft.

Enlarge photo 77
The leaf is 2 1/2" across.  The pin stem works well.

Enlarge photo 78
PRICE  40.00

Enlarge photo 79
These sterling earrings are only marked 925, so I don't know the artist.  They go well with the following sterling brooch.

Enlarge photo 80
The clip earrings are quite large, and they are dimensional.  Sort of like puffy pillows.

Enlarge photo 81
No condition issues...these earrings are in excellent condition.

Enlarge photo 82
The earrings are 1 3/4" long.

Enlarge photo 83
PRICE  12.00

Enlarge photo 84
I'm calling this one a sterling moon....or....a sterling empanada.  Take your pick.  :)

Enlarge photo 85
See?  Doesn't it look like an empinada?  It is thick...about 3/8".

Enlarge photo 86
The moon/pie is 2 1/2" long and it is in excellent condition.

Enlarge photo 87
No tarnish, just a nice soft patina, and no dents or scratches.

Enlarge photo 88
The piece is marked TB -91. And 925. So it is a Taxco artist, last name starts with B.  The 91st to be registered.

Enlarge photo 89
PRICE  18.00

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Enlarge photo 90
This is a sterling necklace produced by Norwegian Uni David Andersen in the 1960's.  
The abstract art piece may be used as a necklace, or a brooch.

Enlarge photo 91
Uni is evidently the great grandaughter of David Andersen, who founded the Norweigan company.

Enlarge photo 92
The necklace is 27 1/2" long with a spring ring clasp.  The pendant is 1 3/4" long.

Enlarge photo 93
Here you can see the pin stem and the hook for the necklace.

Enlarge photo 94
The mark reads
UNI 925 S DA
Norway Sterling


Enlarge photo 95
These modernist earrings are by MOULAGE MODELE which was a designer carried by Bergdorfs and Neiman Marcus in the early 1980's.

Enlarge photo 96
The earrings are sterling, and very well made.
The clip earrings are about 1 1/2" long.

Enlarge photo 97
The signature is really hard to make out, but it has been definitely identified as Moulage Modele.


Enlarge photo 98
This beautiful sterling with white and blue enamel necklace is by David Andersen of Norway.

Enlarge photo 99
The neckalce has no condition issues at all...no chips in the enamel.  An excellent example of this artist's work.

Enlarge photo 100
The necklace is a choker style and is about 16" long.  It is hard to measure as it doesn't lay in a flat straight line for measurements.  It has a push in clasp.

Enlarge photo 101
The mark is one that the company has used from 1925 until the present.


Enlarge photo 102
This little piggy bank guy is a sterling and enamel brooch by Margot Van Voorhies, or as the signature states...Margot de Taxco.

Enlarge photo 103
The enamel is perfect on this sterling piece.  The design number is 5812.

Judy's email
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Enlarge photo 104
The piggy is just over 2" long.  You can see the hole above the pin stem where the money would drop into the piggy bank.

PRICE:  250.00

Enlarge photo 105
This sterling and enamel pin is by Margaret Van Voorhies, or Margot de Taxco.

Enlarge photo 106
The bullfighter is perfect, with no enamel loss.  He stands about 2 1/8" high.

Enlarge photo 107
The design number is 5432.

Judy's email
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Enlarge photo 108
PRICE:  250.00

Enlarge photo 109
These lovely little sterling earrings are by Danish artist Børresen & Lassen - Hellerup 1954-1965.
I love this....I lived in Denmark in Hellerup 1952-56.  Maybe at the very time that these earrings were made.

Enlarge photo 110
I keep getting distracted.  The earrings are in excellent condition, and they are very light to wear.

Enlarge photo 111
The earrings are clips, and they are 7/8" tall.

PRICE:  55.00

Enlarge photo 112
This is another Danish piece.  This sterling brooch is one that belonged to my mom.  She purchased it in 1954 when we lived in Copenhagen.

Enlarge photo 113
Worn up or down, it looks fabulous.

Judy's email
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Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry

Enlarge photo 114
The artist is E DRAGSTEAD.

Enlarge photo 115
The brooch is 2 1/2" long, and in excellent conditon.

PRICE:  75.00

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