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2006 My Artist Trading Cards 2006

We are only caretakers of the treasures and collections we keep.
We must enjoy them, and most of all, take care of them knowing that someday we will pass them on to new caretakers.

Artist trading cards are both traded for other cards and traded for monetary values acceptable to both parties.

My trading cards are standard trading card size at 3.5 x 2.5 inches, however they are often very dimensional or thicker than normal because of the collage items I like to add on.

I do a variety of styles, collaged, assemblaged, sometimes ecclectic,and on occassion my cards are reflections of my warped, disturbed, and hopefully somewhat whitty sense of humour.
My mediums vary daily, from a disgarded foil gum wrapper to the most equisite hand made ceramic beads. I do favor recycling anything!
I use paper, photos, paint, fabric, leather, buttons, trinkets, beads, buttons, coins and real money and even bits of string.

All of my cards are titled, serial numbered and signed on the back. They are often decorated on the back as well!

For my cards, I have designed a simple wire display stand that I include with most of my cards at no additional charge. Stands are hand made so each will vary.

Thank-you for your interest,
Kim aka imagesbykim

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