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Another new venture for me for this year is my art dolls.

Some are done with jointed arms and legs, and others with unusual body parts and of course incredible talent.

Each doll has their own story, I usually only learn about them myself during creation. Their stories are only the start of their life adventures from travels to change of ownership.

Below is the start of my Art doll gallery, and I will try to keep up with their adventures.

If you are or become the new owner of one of my art dolls, please feel free to keep me posted on the latest adventures!

Thank-you for looking!

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Enlarge photo 1
TG029 Hilda The Cha Cha Fairy

Hilda is so hilariously funny. She was fun to put together right from the very beginning.

Enlarge photo 2
TG029 Hilda The Cha Cha Fairy-2
She has hand cut jointed arms and legs and carefully can be positioned many different ways. Made with a variety of design papers, and backed with paper board for sturdiness. She actually has a wooden spine within the paper layers. Her face is a vintage photo reproduction.

Enlarge photo 3
TG029 Hilda The Cha Cha Fairy-3
She is the belle of the ball and can dance the Cha Cha without missing a step. Should she fumble at all, she has butterfly wings for back up so you would never see a missed step, she'll just flutter her way through it! (How can you tell I have been watching a few too many of the latest dance shows on TV LOL)

Enlarge photo 4
TG029 Hilda The Cha Cha Fairy-4
Her hair is very unruly, but she just shakes it around in the wind and is never unhappy with her look. Bad hair days can't keep her from dancing and having fun! She is wearing a lovely flapper style dress made with layers of  moss green silk braid trim, finished with an elegant choker with teardrop facet beads and of course matching earrings. (All to compliment her lovely highlighted hair of many colors.)

Enlarge photo 5
TG029 Hilda The Cha Cha Fairy-5
I couldn't resist including a pair of earrings to wear, and besides, Hilda didn't want anyone to be envious of her earrings. Earrings are made using goldtone fishhook ear wires and are attached to a small dress form tag.

Enlarge photo 6
TG029 Hilda The Cha Cha Fairy UPDATE!

Hilda has moved on. Though I do miss her, I just look at her photos and have a good laugh. I know she is having a great time down in Minnesota USA

Hilda do write us when you can!

Enlarge photo 7
07-083 Sally Altered Doll

Product Code:07-083

Title: Sally, the square chin skinny chick Art Doll

Ah yes, she is the skinny girl inside of all of us. LOL

I used a stamped image for the face and a recycled photo slide to complete her head. I then made her body from a variety of objects including some matt board punched clock hands to create her arms and legs. Arms and legs are positioned and then rivited to her body, (they do not move)

Her lovely skirt was made from some braided trim and the bodice was made from design papers. Her body dangles freely from her goldtone chain neck.

Her hair made from fibres and glitter required many many coats of hairspray and epoxy to get this lovely stiffened hairdo. It stands very stiffly against the wall, no wind is gonna mess this do!
She has a filigree accent in her hair as well as another on her bodice, and of course her lovely glass.... "ahem" body parts are the talk of the town (everyone knows she had a ...

Enlarge photo 8
07-083 Sally Altered Doll-2

Enlarge photo 9
07-083 Sally Altered Doll-3

Enlarge photo 10
07-083 Sally Altered Doll-4

Enlarge photo 11
07-083 Sally Altered Doll-5

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