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Altered Art Paper Bag Book-Affiliation

This book was available for sale in my Etsy Store:

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An Altered Art Fat Paper Bag Book with many extras.

Book measures 6" x 6" before fibres, trims and dangles.

This book is made with 3 very heavy brown paper bags. The bags are then folded, hole punched and tied to create a 6 page (12 side) book.

Each page is decorated with a variety of vintage ephemera, image reproductions, lace, trims embellishments and trinkets, my favorite is the small wooden violin with bow to match the image of the woman holding the violin.

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I promise, there are many items you will not see the first time you are going through the book.

Many of the pages have metal corners to protect when page turning.

The paper bags were cut open on both sides to create 6 full size side pockets for holding your special treasures. I have included a 5.5" x 5.5" kraft card stock page with ribbon pulls in each pocket (total of 6) for journaling or adding addional images and photos.

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Through out the book I have added many lace, and paper pockets including some made from additional paper bag parts to create an expanding pocket. Each pocket holds a tag.

There are 10 tags, 2 removable brooches, a stick pin, a pair of cameo earrings, and a small gold and black choker included in the book.

I added many faux pearl dangles through out the pages.

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Pages are ink and walnut ink stained and distressed, there are lots of fibres, beautiful distressed ribbons and lace, including a hand crocheted doily on the back cover.

This very fat book does not close, it fans out very nicely when displayed on a table top.

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I have included a metal stand to open display the pages, however once you start filling it with your own treasures, you may decide to leave it on the table without the stand.

I have named this book the Affiliation so you may want to share the secrets of your book with your special friends.

Many many hours were spent working on this book, and I am very pleased with the finished results.

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i find myself coming back to your site again and again,your work is amazing!
cathy, Thu, 12 Jul 2007 3:22PM