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07-075 Tag Keeper True Love
Title: The Tag Keeper and True Love

Double sided wall hanger

Product code:07-075

This is a vintage design wall hanger that is completely decorated on both sides. I have titled the one side The Tag Keeper and the other side is called True Love.

Decorated with vintage photo reproductions, many embellishments, lace and trim.

The Tag keeper side has 3 tags held in a riveted paper pocket.

The True Love side has a set of doors held closed with 2 riveted pegs. When the doors open, it reveals the lovely couple.  
Trimmed with additional embellishments trims and braids.

I made a wire hanger to hang on the wall. The finished size is approx 5.5 x 13 inches

Decorating on both sides is a fun way to have 2 art items in one. Just flip over when ever you need a change.

I enjoyed making this project so be sure to watch for additional pieces
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